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CnC said:
People that are probably ok with sharing that would have it in their profile.

Unless that was a disclaimer for what you're about to post. In which case, I would hope has a beastilality policy.

oh god :isidro: didn't mean it like that, haha. I was just curious to how old the average Berserk fan was. Forgot about profiles :guts:


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C said:
Alright, after all this long wait, here are a few pics you wanted Aaz.

Hey thanks man, that was pretty cool. :guts:

Walter said:
It snowed yesterday and the cat seems to hate it, but they sure were cute together

Haha yeah, he looks ferocious in the first picture though. :zodd:
Posted by: Aazealh

Hey thanks man, that was pretty cool.

Thank you sir. :casca:

Posted by: Nomad

So... You got a Duke too eh?

Actually my Nomadic friend, he is my girlfriends. :serpico: Here is some more pics if you would like :

He won't stay still for more than two seconds! :isidro:

- C :zodd:


Haha, Hey C. So is that your dog? how many do you have? I "c" that your dogs are as handsome as you claim you are too huh? lol. Well C, since I might be the only one here that knows your real name, update me about your new life! Who's the pretty lady huh?


Aazealh said:
Well It's 11:00 AM here, and I've been having (almost) normal sleep cycles for at least... 2 days now.

Oh yeah! I remember reading somewhere in a post that you lived somewhere over on the otherside. Where exactly is that again?
well, as long as we're semi-on-the-subject of leving in or around Midland, I actually live down the road from MIDLAND, Ga and there is a WYNDHAM Hotel downtown!


Now I'm not so sure why I shared that bit of information.....

....probably could've kept that to myself....

I'm very happy for you Slimmy! I am happy to say I am one of your 3 friends!! The other two obviously in the picture above. :carcus:
Well i was sitting on my chair the other day when well i decided id give it a shot and spike my hair. Then one thing led to another and here's the result. I posed with the face Gatts has on volume 13 of the manga. I know i dont have my right eye closed but geez it's harder than it looks. haha.

CnC said:
its hard to close your right eye?  thats a strange condition...  :void:

well its not that its hard but if closed it then it would alter my face to look differant. i found this to be the closest i could get to Gatts.
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