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Feel the funk blast
Lookin' snappy Vlad. It's good to see that some people still use headphones instead of those blasted earbuds! :puck: I swear, I'll never get used to those things. And your glasses look almost just like mine, that's nifty. :guts:


Feel the funk blast
Slightly Green said:
They look exactly like mine, which isn't really saying much anymore, since EVERYONE has them now.
Ahh, quite true. Such is the fate of highly available fashion! I, for one, blame MTV. :miura:

It's kind of a bummer though, since thick rimmed glasses tend to mess with the old peripheral vision, at least in my case.


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Vampire_Hunter_Bob said:
Oh come now, Griff. I remember you getting a hair cut after I told you I had one.  :schierke:

See, now that's not even possible; I haven't "gotten" a haircut in years that I haven't done myself.

And that's why I keep my hair tied back all the time, to hide the HORROR. =)


From my Wii adventures....

This one up here is from airsofting, just showing you guys that those tiny plastic BBs can hurt you, even though they don't really hurt me. Worse shot was to the finger nail, you can imagine.


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SlimJ87D said:
From my Wii adventures....

How the hell can someone sleep like that?!

SlimJ87D said:
This one up here is from airsofting, just showing you guys that those tiny plastic BBs can hurt you, even though they don't really hurt me. Worse shot was to the finger nail, you can imagine.

wah wah. baby :troll:
Waychel said:
WTH I had no idea you could get huge keloidish scars like that from Airsoft guns! :isidro: Those things are deadlier than they look apparently...  :puck:

A friend of mine shot the hell out of his co-worker at Radio Shack with an R36 airsoft assault rifle.......the results were pretty bad/bloody and awful.


Gentlemen, I think there's a Hawk of Light above my neighbourhood:


:isidro: :???: :SK:

and here you can also see a bigger CLOSE UP

BUT , the scene wouldn't be as half as neat if there wasn't THIS on the sky as well (had to take a separate photo because my camera's zoom sucks)


which kinda reminded me of :zodd: !! (as in half profile and viewed somewhat from above)

I can even see their eyes, incredible.
So okay, is it just my imagination or do you see it too? :void:
At least the hawk..?

p.s. if Walter and Aaz think this should go as a new thread, please separate it. Thnx! ;)


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I can definitely see a falcon in the first picture, and I think it's awesome. The second one is much vaguer however (to me), I can see a vague silhouette with a horn but nothing really Zodd-like. Still, great pictures Stream! :guts:

And your post is fine in this thread, don't worry.


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March of Flames said:

Before my hair was cut off. I usually look happier than this but I was not wanting my picture taken at that time.

You're cute, March.

In lieu of a picture of me, here's a picture of my husband, who is far prettier then me. Sadly, the white boots are not his, they were worn by a model in the fashion show he was photographing.



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Guess it's time to for me to post my picture.  This is me looking like a total geek playing with toy soldiers at GenCon SoCal 2006:

Me talking to one of the game designers, who managed to get his picture taken with a rather awekward expression on his face.

  Conincidentally it was the last occurance of the convention in SoCal, though there's another, bigger, occurence in Indiana that TheSkyTraveller attends unless I'm mistaken.  For those who have no clue what I'm talking about, GenCon is a convention of all things geeky (some things more so than others) encompassing board gaming, card gaming, miniature wargaming (my reason for attending), Role Playing (Dungeons and Dragons etc.), and associated art and culture.  For anyone not used to such experiences, they are frightening, disturbing, and sometimes very smelly.  Not that anyone really cares, but someone was gonna shove it in your face sooner or later.
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