The New Picture Thread


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Snake, what are you doing?! This is a SNEAKING MISSION!

It's sad that I had cooler clothes in 1984...


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Damn Wally, you were a fucking badass back then. Nothing beats the Superman PJs though.


Feel the funk blast
Rhombaad said:
At least you were able to wear clothes.  I was nothing but a fetus... :judo:
And I was nothing but an abstract concept. A glint in the milkman's eye, if you will! :miura:

But yeah, cute picture Walter! I'm trying to make out what that design is on your shirt...


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I'm sensing something... something veeerrrrry powerful... LOOMING over this whole thread. It's... it's..!!! .... A DISTINCT LACK OF PICTURES BEING POSTED
On location in St. Petersburg, for a series of Revolution-themed photos. This is me taking a quick break to refresh my knowledge of Russian photographic law.

And this is me in the studio - yes, from time to time, I do the bitch work.
Here is my sexy red machine, and my wonderfully beautiful girlfriend:


- C


Also, here is a video I made right after I got my car before any mods like my wheels, exhaust, tuner, etc.: :troll:

- C

ps. such fun :carcus:
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