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Rhombaad said:
It's snowing in Seattle, WA! We rarely get snow in Winter and now it's coming down like crazy in Spring!

haha hellz yeah! I should go to WA for spring then! I goddamn HATE spring. Autumn and winter are my seasons. I love the cold.


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Godred said:
Autumn and winter are my seasons. I love the cold.
I thought I did, until this last winter where my room had no heating and temperatures reached -20F (without windchill). Obviously it didn't get quite that cold in the actual room, but I'm rather looking forward to frying this summer.


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Personally, I hate the cold no matter what time of the year it is. I have this problem where I sweat even when its snowing outside. So when its cold, I'm cold n' wet. Also, I live in Jersey, so every winter recently we just get slush.
Just some recent fun I've had at work:

No, that's not blood, it's engine coolant. And lots of it.

What happens in diesel engines when your oil temperatures start to skyrocket? Just take a look at this oil pan...


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slayer81 said:
There's no escaping TIIIIME LINCOLN!!!!
LMAO, sorry but I couldn't resist :p
Wow, that is an ancient call back, second post in the thread, and from 4 years ago, yikes!

Anyway, update, at the Dodgers game Monday night (I'm on the far left):

Now I wouldn't have to draw on the beard. =)


Once sent from the Golden Hall.
Good goddamnit man. I need to go there. I hate hate hate this warm weather. I'll trade you Seattle for Chicago!


Once sent from the Golden Hall.
handsome rakshas said:
It's been mildly warm and you're sick of it already? It's perfect light jacket weather right now!
I was sick of it the first day I didnt need a coat. When the cold bites at the tips of your ears and nose, oh man i love that.
But today my hate for the warm was lifted a bit when me and my friends had our first BBQ of the year. WHOO I FORGOT ABOUT BBQ!


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First pics of myself and Ive been on for 3 years im ashamed :troll: just dyed my hair green and I got fucked up on Salvia so please be gracious on the comments. :ganishka:



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My large dvd collection

I tried stacking them in way so that you can tell how many there actually are.

and lets not forget these


My posts are better.
Soon to be obsolete "junk collection" like the hundreds of VHS tapes at my house. Isn't technology great? :guts:
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