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Your grandpa looked like a really awesome guy. I love older people. For the most part, they all have that attitude that is forged from harder times than ours. It's great that he thought you can learn from anyone. How humble. I'm sure you'll miss him a lot, but as time passes you'll only have fond memories. My grandpa passed away a few years ago and just because he was older it didn't make it easier. I still miss him a lot.

But if someone lives a good life, then it's not so painful. You can look back on it and smile. You guys look really cool together. Anyways, take care of yourself. : )


Courtesy of Grail's doodling.
I'm glad to hear you got to spend so much time with your grandfather, Griffith. The way you describe him, he sounds like he was quite an individual.


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No better gift than the gift of remembrance and it's fruits applied in our very core of actions. You are lucky to have the privilege of having that kind of time spent with your grandfather. A sad loss indeed, but he got to see the man you are now. My prayers to you and your family captain.


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It seems like your grandfather was a true lover of knowledge, and people like that are altogether too rare. My condolences, Griff.


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Thank you everyone for your compassion and thoughtful words, all very touching. My own condolences to Slan and Aphasia, and the many others here that have surely experienced the loss of a grandparent. It just dawned on me that he was my last, something I'd never really thought about before. But don't cry for me, he was 87 and in deteriorating health, so it's not exactly like my family is stricken with grief, it's just strange that he's gone because, like I said, he seemed larger than life.


Sorry to hear the loss Griffith, I did like the info you posted about him, sounded like a fantastic human being.

Here is a pic of me drinking tea! (I'm turkish.. thus my name.. so I gotta love tea!)


Me, a huge fluffy dog named Gogol, and my married pal. She hosted a pre-Valentines dinner last Caturday and we had to wear pink or red. I wore both colors :rakshas:. 2 week beard, shaved it off the next morning haha, damn *goes over to the weightloss/ gain thread for pearls of wisdom from Branded*
That's a cool looking car Branded.

Here's me answering my 1980s first generation cell phone wearing my best t-shirt (the ladies love it):



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Eluvei said:
Here's me answering my 1980s first generation cell phone wearing my best t-shirt (the ladies love it):
You don't fucking disappoint, that's for sure.
So this was taken a day before her book was released ... and my timing being the best as it always is (MEGA sarcasm) I'd just had a dumbass haircut that afternoon where I asked for a 'trim' and the lady thought a # 3 razor all over my dumb skull was good to trim my hair that was long enough to cover your eyes if they were brushed down (trim to me means cut slightly, not cut a lot!). ANYHOO, that's the worst pose evah *embarrassed* ... dark circles of doom pretty evident as well *curses* ... this was right after work, she was at a special event where she talked about the book and there was a signing. She also mispelt my name and I was too shy to tell her not to correct it. My pal took a photo and with BlackBerry's camera you have to hold it still a little longer which wasn't the case here ... so a hazy photo to back all the wrong that evening.


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Aaz, D-SCape, NightCrawler - Yep, that's her.

She retired a little while ago unofficially, Walter. But it's kinda known that she's been wanting to do more mainstream cinema and concentrate on her band. At the interview she kinda reiterated that and said the band was writing new stuff that's due sometime this year (Summer perhaps). It was a sort of tight lipped event, wasn't publicized much. A very close friend of mine who accompanied me got to know of it through the guy who interviewed her that evening. They go way back. Among other obvious things, it's cool how she likes and listens to Blackmetal/ extreme metal haha!

Turkitage, that's it! I was seated like 5th/ 6th row!
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