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Just got a Nokia 1520 phone it takes kick ass pictures! I was also able to download Instagram and this is my first instagram picture that I just took. I think the picture came out pretty nice.
Last year we tried getting in White Castle at Valentine's Day but we couldn't cos we need to make a reservation and the place was packed. So this year my pal made a reservation for 4 ahead of time. I wasn't gonna go cos I had dinner plans elsewhere but the girl I was supposed to go out with texted me the night before that she couldn't make it cos she couldn't get a babysitter. Luckily there was 1 spot yet to be taken and I could go to White Castle. What was different - there was a waitress who took our order at our table, special stickers, photo-op wall, they did up the table with special mats n chocolates n other stuff, if you reserved you had a name card and a bunch more, good fun overall.

Special Menu
Table set up
I've been away for a little longer than I should've because of work first and then I decided to move mid April but a move without the help of movers this time. I thought I'd save money in the long run if I made a couple of trips in an Uber XL or Lyft XL (load the back with boxes and everything) but I didn't imagine it taking a long 5 weeks to get it done. I could only do it over weekends, so all my weekends of May and late April were dedicated to the move. What made it a challenge was that my apartment was on the 6th floor, with no elevator. By the time I'd go up and down with heavy boxes (just enough to fit in an SUV), I'd be dead!

Last night, I chucked my bed (mattress, box and frame) and did a final sweep. This's me with my last piece of item that didn't go into storage. It rode a cab while staying on my lap ^_^ and I must say, Skully's quite popular with the ladies. While waiting for a cab outside, he got a couple of smiles and "Ouuuu's" here n there.



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Well obviously! Nothing says "I am a man of wealth and taste" like carrying around the bust of an emperor in public.


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IncantatioN said:
I must say, Skully's quite popular with the ladies. While waiting for a cab outside, he got a couple of smiles and "Ouuuu's" here n there.
Reminds me of when I'd wear my crimson Beherit and draw all sorts of curiosity... until I explained it. Of course, I explained it by getting naked, pouring cold water over them and myself, and talking about my dream to own my own country someday! :griffnotevil: Eventually I just said it means I'm going to rule the World, which went over strangely well. :femto:

IncantatioN said:
Hey, looking pretty manly and Zappa-esque (that's a compliment from me =); methinks the ladies were just using Skully as a pretext. :carcus:
Great shot Walter. Was that picture taken off your phone? iPhone? My girlfriend and her family visited DC end of March to see cherry blossoms and unfortunately for them, it rained the entire time they were there that weekend. I've only seen the cherry blossoms one time at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, it's been 5ish years.


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Yeah, I've seen her Berserk cosplay around the web before, it's probably the best one out there. The Dragonslayer in particular is pretty much identical to the manga. A lot of cosplayers get at least some part of it wrong, so big props to her for that.
Also seen it before and god I can only wish I get half of those skills. Ditto on the dragonslayer accuracy! Love how she managed to make the berserker armor look "tight", it's so easy to make it overly bulky and clunky looking
I completely love the cosplay. It feels like it stays totally true to what a 'female' Guts would look like.

Would love to see Miura's take on a female Guts just for fun to see how it'd compare hah.
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