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Feel the funk blast
I went to anime expo this weekend, had fun at some panels and found this booth with anime cels and pencil sketches. I bought these from slam dunk anime and did karaoke
Looks like you had fun, and nice cel! Just started watching Slam Dunk this year, it's a good watching. :guts:
Congratulations to you and the family, Walter!!

Does she look more like you or your wife? I've been told I look more like my Mum's side of the family and as I get older, my resemblance to her late brother grows.


My posts are better.
Wow, I totally missed the boat here! Congrats, Duder! I hope that hospital stay is completely in the past.

BTW, would you say the Switch Lite would have been a better fit for extended hospital waits!? JK =)
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