The New Picture Thread


if only...
QUeeN typhonblue said:
Since you posted 'em... I guess you just gotta deal... with the sticky aftermath.
Very true...well, without the sticky aftermath :-X. I blame only myself for posting that pic.
Vampire_Hunter_Bob said:
Now get back to printing pictures of venus.
Bad Bob... bad! :p


Here is a pic of me today at work. ;D


Jesus cries when he looks at me.
Wah wah wah said:
Then again I haven't posted a pic of myself, so I guess I'm not one to talk.

Thats why I get owned in threads like these. Best not to say anything my pictureless brother.

Wah wah wah said:
Do you have a problem with showing your face?

Hes is grim reaper gosh darn it >:(. Do you want to see an ugly skull?


Wah wah wah said:
Do you have a problem with showing your face?
No, It's just the way the costume works, and well oddly enough I do not have any pics currently(on cd)of my face, I suppose I don't photograph well, like bigfoot or something. ;D
It seemed most were of my back.
DemonX said:
Hes is grim reaper gosh darn it >:(. Do you want to see an ugly skull?
Thanks, some people thought I was Darth Vader. ::)
They kept saying things to me like, "let the force be with you." :-\


It's a dolphin.
Aravis said:
Wow. Walter's got a hottie!!


Well Walt, if I could remember the URL to your ex roommate's shrine, I'd have photoshopped a way for you two to be in bed. :3
Walter said:
Happy Birthday to Me

I think thats the first decent picture Walter has put on aside the one with the Ninja turtle shirt... Now I see why you were elated about your nap.


Staff member
Yes those pics on the forsaken section are a tad... out of date. 2001 was the most recent of that section. Old.
There are certainly things I'm not very good at, but making great sandwiches is NOT one of them.

A few days ago at about 4:30am, I was experimenting with lots of different ingredients In the fridge which happened to be alot on this particular day, and really outdid myself this time.
It took well over half an hour to finish but it was so good that I had to take a few pictures.

                                                                            Don't I look proud. ;D

3 bread layers, a juicy Beef patty on one, Salami on one, Bacon and chicken pieces on one cheddar and parmesan across all of it.
Also included Avacado, Capsican, Red onion, Mushrooms, Tomato, Lettuce and Rice.
Also included were Sour cream, Dijonnaise and pasta source.

This one is only about 5 bites in, result was like an orgasm in my mouth, Subway doesn't even compare. ;D


It's a dolphin.
paradise_lost said:
u'll have to have a look to the last one on the left ... and there, u'll see a young boy with a black T-Shirt ... me in 1998 in Essen, Germany ...

Dude, you're squeezing that poor kid to death! :O
Here's a good thread to revive every few months. ;D
These ones came from Sorry if these are too big, I reformatted recently and don't have any software to shrink them with, but they should all be under 50kb each.

I'm the one wearing the Black shorts with the white stripe.

I think this one is why my nose still hurts, but it could be from a different face strike... or both. :-\

It was very close but he ended up winning, he wasn't as skilled but was fitter and had longer limbs. No cool looking trophy for me. :'(
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