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This thread is for compiling a condensed F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) that will be incorporated in the Information section of the BERSERK Encyclopedia.

I want the most-asked questions and the most direct, useful answers. So far, here's what I have:

- What happens after the eclipse?
- Will there be a second season of the anime?
- Who is Skull Knight and why isn't he in the anime?
- Griffith = Femto = Griffith?
- Episode 83: The Lost Episode
- Hawk of Light/Darkness. Who's who?
- Common Mistranslations (Prophecy, Skully in vol 13 etc.)

All suggestions will be taken to consideration. However, I certainly can't include them all. As stated earlier, I'm looking for the MOST common questions.

For the community,
- Walter
Several suggestions, some of them may not be totally suitable for the FAQ's but more to choose from at least.

Where are the Scans/Scanlations?

What is the Berserk Prototype?

Who is Puck and why isn't he in the Anime?

Prehaps why aren't the Barkiraka, Wild, or the Count in the Anime also (probably wouldn't be much of a FAQ)

Non existent US Release date for the Berserk PS2 Game.

Who does the music for the Berserk Anime?

The official spelling of names of Berserk characters in English.

Does Miura take much time off?

Any idea when the Manga is going to end?


-Where can I buy manga?
-Where are the translations?
-How often is a new Volume/episode released?
-What is the difference between Volume/chapter/arc/episode


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Did a bit of work last night. Still more to go though.


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It's looking really good. In the section on Griffith's transformations it might be nice to add something about how Guts' and Casca's "demonic" child becomes the vessel for Griffith's rebirth.

I guess that would also make it necessary to add something about the child to the "what happens after the anime" section also.
"Who are Guts's parents and what happened to them?" Also maybe explain the correct spelling of Guts, and then "What happened to Rickert?"

Maybe not the most asked, but still might help.

- C
Was Skullknight really Gaiseric back then, a thousand years ago?

Not a common FAQ, and this answer we do not know exactly ourselves... But we can elaborate that its more or less YES because blah blah (take some of the statement from Zodd, Slann, etc to support your idea).

Just a suggestion anyway. Others:

Who are the GH, is there any background regarding them?
What is the role of GH?
Who is hell is Idea/Who is the god that Griffith met back in vol 13?


Great work so far Walter. Glad to see the significant progress being made. :D

Just wondering what was going to go into the Glossary. Is it mostly for words like god hand, apostle, and beherit?
Not really a F.A.Q, but I was bored at work today at went to google and put in Berserk. Then Berserk manga. Then Berserk anime, Berserk comic, you get the point. Alas, after all my searching of multiple pages from each word or words, there was no :(. Maybe if there was some way to make the site show up more frequently in more search engines, we could spread the word :). Now i know that some people think that there should only be a reserve for special people to see Berserk, but who are we really to decide who gets to see the incredible writing/drawings found within said fiction? I guess I just think it should be a bigger hit for Berserk, because this is an awesome place, just for Berserk. I dunno, maybe i see too much into getting people into Berserk. I think however that Miura deserves his dues, and to be credited as one of the most talented writers ever i think fits him perfectly. Well I'm going off the subject, but I just think there should be a way to make it pop up more in search engines. I have no idea how to make that happen, but I'm sure there are alot more internet savy people on here than me.

Just an idea, I always look for ways to expand Berserk. I need to post my music video around too while I'm thinking about it.

What do you think about my idea, yes?

- C ???


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  Nice thought, but those who desire most to find Berserk related info will find this site.  Don't forget that there are other Berserk sites that promotes this one.


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Mugwump101 said:
Who exactly is the moonlight child?

We don't know anything about him, except that he's a "superior being".

Mugwump101 said:
A complete stranger or is he related to Casca and Guts?

There was speculation since he seems to be sharing some physical traits with them, and did spend time with them specifically. However it's really just speculation, nothing is sure for now.
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