The Replacement - My Kickstarter movie where clones are the new fashion

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I'm sad that I didn't notice this until just now, because although I'm poor as well I would have (and now have) shared your info around. Truly this seems like a clever idea and I hope this all works out for the best for you. :)
That's a wrap! We just finished principle photography and aside from a few pick ups here and there, we are moving into editing, music and VFX on 'The Replacement.' It went phenomenally, I really love everything we got. I'll be posting set photos soon as well as a teaser.

Thanks again Skull Knighters for all your support! I'll keep you all posted!
Post production will take a couple months at least. It will be finished editing first, then we'll move into Color Correction, Visual effects, Sound Design and music composition.

Its release will be a festival release first before it's publicly available online anywhere, as most festival require an exclusive engagement to premiere movies. Some won't even accept a movie if it's not a world premiere. After it does the festival run, it'll be on YouTube and Vimeo. I do think that donors will get a chance at a sneak preview of it though through a private link.
We've been busy in post production editing the film and prepping for VFX, but we wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at our behind the scenes.

Before we borrow your eyes for the trailer we'd like you to see what each day of shooting looked like and what it took to get this far. Of course we couldn't have done it without the generous support at, "shares on Facebook" and donations. Here's the "behind the scenes" for DAY-1 of the shoot on our facebook page:

And if you are so inclined, we're still taking donations for post visual effects

Thanks again, I'll be posting other BTS in the meantime and a trailer soon.
If anyone would like to see the current edit our kickstarter film and give feedback as e finalize it, please PM me a request and I'll send it your way. We are handing it off to Visual Effects soon, so we need all the feedback we can get to lock the edit.
Aazealh said:
Sorry, I'm holding out for the finished version!
Fair enough. We'll be going out to festivals by Fall of 2017, so all contributors to the Kickstarter will get it then in all it's finished glory. After the festival run we'll release it publicly on Vimeo for the public. Thanks again for all the support.
Hey Skull Knighters!

It’s been a while, but today’s the big day! The Replacement is officially online on the sci-fi channel DUST! If you missed us at the festivals please check out the film and share it with your friends. Thanks to all the generous support from the community!

And without further adio, here’s THE REPLACEMENT!

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