The Story Behind Your Username

HSV (Hamburger SV) is my favourite (football) club. I used something similar for MSN in 5th or 6th grade as my email and ever since I used some variation of it pretty much everywhere online. At some point, I thought of making up a cool and original online name but that never went anywhere. So I'm stuck with the current one :casca:


[...] Into the abyss will I run [...]
Mine was first used in 2011 after I watched the anime "Beelzebub" and started to reading the manga(that's a lot better) on an MMORPG game called Tantra, but I misstyped the name changing the last "b" to an "d" and just noticed before several month when my character was on high levels, so i decided to maintain it, and started to using it everywhere (for me it sounds better with 'd' than 'b'). It obviously is a demon name, so it's cool, specially because almost nobody know that manga, and the 'd' add some originality to it. If you found a Beelzebud on any online game, it's probably me.
The Telltale Walking Dead game, season 1...the character of Kenneth A.K.A. Kenny, in episode 2 he does something horrible involving a salt brick, from that point on he becomes an incredibly salty character...Boom KaBoom! Salty Kenny.
I got my username randomly. Based on my pc some think I'm talking about having kids but no.
Looking back I would make a more cool username
Like imagine one that combines Gyro Zeppeli x Guts x Zoro
I always have the best ideas after I've chosen.
me rn coming up with them
Ghizmo is my cat. He is an incredibly large british short hair gentlecat. He also has the most loving heart ever and could never even hiss at a human let alone scratch or attack. You can even pet the super soft belly as much as you want without a trap.
On the other hand, everything in the range of typical cat prey will just die. A fly comes in through the window - death in 5 seconds. A mouse once entered the room we were in through a ground level window. Ghizmo was just like Zodd, a black shadow with claws and fangs. The poor animal propably didn't even realize its final moments.
A minute later Ghizmo has returned to being a large purring loaf of cat bread.
So I imagined him being the slumbering keeper of some ancient fortress one should only awaken if one possesses correct password or key. :-D
It’s 2011, I’m a complete social recluse. It’s so bad that people ignore me when I say things in school, leading me to believe that people simply can’t hear me sometimes when I talk and I accepted that. I join a hip hop forum, under the guise of ‘Odeon’, which is a musical theatre that the ancient greeks would use to go to ( I LOVE history) I’m going to be honest, I don’t recall many memories around it. What I do remember is talking in the chat for the first time of a now defunct site expecting not to get a response, but I did get a response, a man from Chile, who called himself ‘West Villain’ responded and he treated me like a human, for the first time, purely based upon the text that I wrote, my personality. It was the first step for me to achieve a life in which I could be me. Right now I’m living my dream, I won’t even describe it, but it beats any movie you’ve seen. Alas, I’m getting too personal, but this is me
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Metallica has a H.P. Lovecraft inspired song called the The Thing That Should Not Be, I’m particularly a big fan of their 1999 S&M performance of this song. The lyric line Death May Die stood out to me. I hadn’t read Lovecraft at the time, but several years later I could get a complete works book of Lovecraft. The lyrics Death May Die is quite straight from the story of Call of Cthulhu. It’s featured as part of a riddle:

“That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.”

Now I do realize this is probably one of the more famous quotes of Lovecraft if there is such a thing, I believe the riddle is even featured in a Cthulhu themed episode of Ghostbusters and South Park. Any how, I just thought it sounded cool. :serpico:


With the streak of a tear, Like morning dew
Metallica has a H.P. Lovecraft inspired song called the The Thing That Should Not Be, I’m particularly a big fan of their 1999 S&M performance of this song.

That song was an important gateway into early Metallica and thrash as it was slow, yet fuckin' heavy, enough for my young brain to process when the likes of Fight Fire With Fire just sounded like noise to my untrained ears. Plus, the cool story in the lyrics (I imagined a whole other thing around it). They did a sequel of sorts on their last album to complete the trilogy that started with The Call of "Ktulu" (one of only two songs written by Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton AND Mustaine, with Hammet doing lead guitar and Burton "lead bass" over the top, it's basically the ultimate Metallica quintet =). Anyway, the sequel if you ever want to change your name:

Still very heavy, and I like the breath before the solo, shows some mojo. :guts:
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