The story so far (SPOILERS? - I dunno It's up to you to decide)

=Disclaimer: I started reading Berserk in 2006, I love it. Never complained once
=on the infamous httpss about how slow was Miura or how stall the plot seemed to
=be, true fan. Always liked the art. And I'm talking on the behalf of every true
=fan out there. So shut out to all my bruhs and sis in the struggle, deep down you
=know what I'm talking about... bum-cha bum-cha.

=Disclaimer: This is a work in progress, I'm giving you the Core, I will try to elaborate
=Text and Graphics also in a written form and through sketches, please be patient and
=bare with me. A couple of days and I will be able to use a wacom to convey ideas
=even better.

>*/Shakespeare's Paradox/*

How I operate: (because I like to repeat things but let's try to be more specific
and shrink it down to three steps).

>First Step ---> Core (what happens - main plot with all its nodes).
>Second step ---> Text (Spoken dialogue - Inner dialogue - Sounds).
>Third Step ---> Graphics (Graphic representation of the two steps above).

Percentage left to cover 91 >EPISODES<.

The story so far: (Chapter 364 ---> |/-\|/-\|)

Chapter 365:
>Guts sees Grittith cry, At first he's shocked and stays still and silent for
some time (meanwhile Caska catches up to them, and Shierke goes to the front door
perplexed by the sight she's witnessing) but then He's overwhelmed by rage (all
the worst memories he has come to his mind istantly), the berserker armor takes
control of him and shouts a scream of pain and anger at the moon, he draws his
sword fast and tries to slash Grittith with a downward slash.
>The Skull Knight appears [running towards Grittith's back - (Orizontal splash
from left to right ---> Guts then Grittith then the Skull Knight)] riding his hor-
se with the sword of actuation activated and slashes the air reaching the dragon-
slayer and cutting it in half whilst the sword is in mid-air.
>Guts' thrust is so intense that he drops his Behelit from his purse.
>The dragonslayers starts to exale black vapour from the cut and starts leaking
black goo from it.
>the behelit drops in a mixture of Grittith's tears and the black goo and starts
to change appearence but It's not activated.
The Flower Queen immediately appears behind Guts as well as the other mages and
the magical blacksmith which bounds guts with his chains and the flower Queen
separates the helmet from Guts' head.
>Meanwhile Shierke and the others exit the hut and witness what happened.
>Grittith remains silent and still.
>Episodes ends with Guts and Grittith face to face and Caska crying.
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This is really bizarre...It reads like a shit post, but at the same time isn't funny or weird enough to be all that interesting. If you're genuinely having a take at fan fiction, maybe put a bit more effort into the actual writing part and work on at least spelling characters names and such right. I thought you were trolling at first but looking at your other posts I think you were really giving it a go here and are just misguided and oblivious to what you are doing.

I find it in pretty poor taste to be writing a fan fiction continuation of the story at this point, ESPECIALLY one that's so low effort and hokey. I'm really not THAT bothered personally (especially if you didn't mean any ill-will), but don't be surprised if you're eviscerated in the comments....
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I'm really happy to read your feedback guys. Thank you so much, your feedback is pushing me to continue the story. I will keep on updating the OP with the remainig 90 chapters adding dialogue and sketches. \^_^/
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