Uncertain this counts as 'creation', but I wanted to share my love of Puck

I am reading Berserk for the first time and really loving it. Somewhere near the start of the Conviction Arc. I don't know how people feel about Puck -- I know this trope of character can sometimes be considered annoying -- but I love him and the way he's written, and think he's both an excellent foil for Guts and is used very well to break tension after serious scenes.

I also felt Puck was a really good measure for how much Kentaro's visual style had improved and honed, since there's a fairly big break between the first arc and seeing him again for the first time near the beginning of the eclipse.

This is a pretty low effort meme, which I have to admit because I'm am artist and designer by trade >_> but I'm sure some of you can relate?

It's just that he lost a bit of panel time too :puck: More and more characters were added so he became a secondary character as time passed.
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