Upgrades Incoming: Site Lockdown for ~24h

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Hey guys, good news.

After a lot of thought, we are in the process of converting our ancient forum to one that's more robust, newer, and more importantly, mobile-friendly. This process will probably take us ~24h to get up and running, and another few days before it's precisely where we want it to be. And because that involves the database, it translates to a lockdown. I'm sure this comes as a terrifying shock, given the sheer amount of Berserk activity happening right now in the community. But somehow, as in past times, we will find a way through. :void:

So in a few hours, if all goes well, you'll return to this page and find it's temporarily inaccessible. This is a good thing. But mark your calendars for around Friday and you'll return to a newer, better forum. See you on the other side!


PS: Goddamn it, it's April 1 isn't it? No, this is not an April fools day prank. That'd be a pretty lame prank to pull anyway.
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