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Eluvei said:
I'm pretty sure it's unofficial, I found it searching for more of those action figures. The guy who made it has a blog showing the creative process of his random anime statues:
Grovel said:
The Takuan bust was made by Megatech - if you go to Dereks site ( and go the the links page, the website is listed there - just go to the gallery - there is a (not so good) Musashi figure too.
Thanks for the info guys, I've got both in the Merchandise section now!

Overhauled it a bit too, just added categories and moved stuff around. Right now I'm going through the painful process of cataloging all the old merchandise that was ever available at Inoue's shop at I.T. Planning so that I can upload them as well. So far I'm missing images of some t-shirts, an old promotional poster, and a damned zippo lighter (though I think I've identified what images they were from translations of the page). Here are the pages:*/
Any help would be appreciated. :SK:
I was left all of last week thinking about, and itching to get the Kojiro statue I'd seen at Midtown Comics, and I just couldn't get it off my mind! This Tuesday I got a call from KinoK about my YAnimal issue, and that's when I hit up Midtown Comics (2-3 blocks away), went inside, walked up to the statue cabinet, pointed out at Kojiro's statue and said "I want that one" and in less than 5 minutes I was out of the store, real happy :ganishka:. I opened it up last night ...

Love the art on the cover of the box

The detail is pretty good

Face is pretty as it is in the manga, I would've liked it to be a bit livelier (color wise) ... but the flowing hair is perfect imo.

It was listed at $200.00 plus tax.


My posts are better.
That's my favorite of all the statues I've seen, I just think it looks the most accurate and really sort of captures the essence or presence of Kojiro. Thanks for the detailed pictures.
Eluvei said:
New statue!

Hello there! :serpico:

Anyone knows where we can find this one, except from mulan-shop? Did somebody order one from this website?

There was one on HLJ but it was sold out before i can grab it... =(
^ hey man, I'm not sure where you could find it at a physical store but try a Kinokuniya if you have access to one. A few weeks ago I decided to buy this very same statue and I'd been seeing it every time I visited the Kinokuniya close to me. I learnt that the statue they had was only for display (was chipped in a few spots) and they ordered it from Japan, took 2-3 weeks and voila ...

again, the box is so good ...

The pictures I took with flash kinda bring out the color and detail a lot better. I was honestly impressed ... it was expensive no doubt, but soooo worth it.
Just found out about a new kit released at WF 2013 and it seems to be around the $220 - 300 range depending on the seller, unpainted. Read an unofficial description and it's 30 cms high. It's based off this art page from Inoue -

I'm hoping to pick it up somehow! Assembly looks COMPLICATED AS HELL =_=

You're absolutely right, it'll all depend on the guy painting the kit and he also has a daunting task to put his hair together or glue it in seamlessly! This's one of the best looking kits to have come out. It'll be very interesting to see this colored differently - dark hair (not purplish) dark eyebrows and beard, darker skin tone with that non-plastic~y look like you see in the picture.

Btw, I just found this and it's a damn good scale!


Found another PVC made by Jun Planning, unfortunately the company I'm told went out of business in 2009. The scale is impressive - 18cm x 49cm x 18cm. Can be found online for 18,900 Yen (or more) plus shipping. Below pictures aren't mine but I expect to receive it in April and will update with those pictures.

Finally got around bringing some packages home and unboxed them.

These sandals were produced by Inoue Takehiko and they're pretty neat. I can think of two ways of wearing them, one with the tie at the back of my foot and the other on top, don't know which is the right way though! Help heh. Nice touch of the bird eeeehhh ...

I'd never picked up dolls before but they're pretty similar to the Akira ones I have, so making them stand, etc. was slightly challenging. Here's the first doll Open Hair Mushi as I call him. I like

And here's another one, Closed Hair Mushi. He came with more attachments like the bandanna, sword and that design-cloth-thing I can't figure what it's for yet.

Now comparing both dolls ...

Open Hair Mushi: the doll fixtures are better here and they help switching with positions/ poses nicely, clothes fit better.

Closed Hair Mushi: better looking darker complexioned face with more detail on the hair because it's not that sikly fake hair (so it can be molded to anything), doll fixtures are a pain to deal with and they pop out every time I try to chance direction of a body part, measurements on the clothes are off (fit big on him).

What do you guys think?

Got a hold of this guy and the box is HUGE, he's just wow ... tall. Anyone buying this should be careful of the material of his clothes because the product's old and it can crack easily. I might buy another one just to play it safe, if anything were to happen to this one.

I've temporarily placed both dolls in the Berserk cabinet because I didn't want them lying around or falling down every time my tower fan spun in their direction haha #ohthehorrorifthathappened#. I also picked up that kit I posted above and hopefully, someday, I can get it painted and can display it.
Saw this Yagyu kit by Heavy Gauge on YJA over the weekend and won it at auction. The original cost on the label says 12,000 Yen, my win was at a premium price unfortunately but I'm excited none the less because I haven't seen it before! The scale's disappointing, upon inquiry I was told "The figure part is about 9 cm tall and the base height is about 10 cm tall. I don't think I own any kit by Heavy Gauge but a kit-connoisseur on SK.Net said they're known for good quality kits, so I'm really excited.

Can someone help please with the translation of that text that's on the stump? Thanks!


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IncantatioN said:
Can someone help please with the translation of that text that's on the stump? Thanks!
I can just make out the kanji for heaven (天), so it's likely "My sword is one with the heavens."
#goosebumps# How cool is that?!! Thanks a lot, Walter.

I'll keep you guys posted on updates on this kit (post painted by the end of the year hopefully) or the other ones I find/ own but have to get painted at some point.
After months and months of looking, I finally found a place where the Yoshioka Seijuro statue was available and grabbed it instantly. Couldn't believe it. Hasn't shown up on YJA since early '12. I've noticed it being out of stock everywhere (usually shows up as being listed but unavailable), so I was anxious and worried I might get an email to say the site was sorry that they didn't have the item in stock, something that's happened to a dear friend unfortunately. No email received day after day. Finally this Monday I received an email telling me they were processing the order, PHEW, felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Do I post about how excited I was? No, not yet haha. Paranoid me was hoping this wasn't just a mistake, an oversight on the site's behalf. Luckily I got the statue late this evening. Super stoked, I came running home to un-box and enjoy it. I've got to say, it's my favorite among the three I now own. Maybe that's an excited overjoyed me doing the talking, but it really is fun to stare at (like typing n posting about it, I've shifted my gaze toward the statue a few times : p)

Update to my post above -

Paint completed last night! There's just 1 colored picture of Sekishusai Yagyu and I gave that as a reference to the painter plus other details on colors and textures. Griffith helped with good advice and input. In the end, I think it could have been a little better (skin tone, textures) but I had to go through a translator and when I asked for specific things to be done, the painter came back to me and said my request has a lot of detail, usually customer's give a picture and it's completed and they're usually happy. First commission, so it's been interesting. Wooden base is by the painter at a cost of 1,000 Yen.

I'm on the bend whether or not I should commission another kit through him.

Just spotted this new kit for Fudo, also by Heavy Guage (like the Yagyu kit) and 165 mm tall.

EDIT 01/03/2014

Just found out about another kit. This's a Miyamoto Musashi one made by Yuya, released at WonderFest 2012 and 27 cms tall!

Wow! Thats one I´d actually consider getting. He´d look lonely on the shelf by himself though, especially in that stance, I´d have to get the Musashi one too...

What would you guess to be the price on this one?
Wow! Thats practically a robbery compared to the prices Im used to from AOW :serpico:

Wonder if you could get them painted too? Or at least those gray/black effects applied in the pictures (probably looks best like that). I´d imagine they´d look a bit boring totally unpainted. But perhaps thats a phase you begin after having purchased it? I´ve never bought resin kits before :???:
Musashi kit by Heavy Gauge, estimated height is 25 cms. His facial features are pretty off ...



Seems to be another Gauge kit, wall sculpt for Musashi by Koji Onishi.



Pretty cool looking Ito doll figure featured in this blog
Quick update - back in May I picked up that Heavy Guage standing kit in my post directly above. Got it painted and it arrived this week. Pictures below -

I had to rely on stock photos of the kit when I bought it. Only after it got painted that I realized the kit's face is off (by a lot) but otherwise, I tried to be as close as I could with an image from 'Water' which I used as reference for the paint job and base.

Also bagged this Takuan kit, which I haven't seen pop online in a long time -

And finally, Square Enix's other Musashi kit that I'd been eyeing for a long time but didn't pick up because of it's over-subscribed price. Owning it now, can safely say that I'm massively impressed by it because pictures of it online have been unflattering and it looks so much better in person. In terms of texture, flash can show different colors better than seeing it in natural light.

It's also taller than the other Square Enix Musashi statue which's higher because of a higher base but shorter than Kojiro. Here's a bit of a height comparison of the kit and statues lined up side by side -

Took a few years to get these guys together in 1 room!
Using this space to post updates for anything new in the kits/ statues/ figures.

Just found out about three 1/6 Action Figures by Wolf King/ Vivid Doll for Musashi, Kojiro and the one I'm most excited about - Baiken! I especially love this clothing and likeness. They're priced between $93-100 (USD) and they're 12 inches tall, which makes them totally worth it. Wish I found out sooner because Musashi and Kojiro are out of stock in some places I checked. Pictures below -




Some shots of them together

There is also this absolutely amazing sculpt of Musashi

More here
Lalla's work on this commission was amazing and he's done a second variant to Kai's head sculpt (I think I have pictures of this). That head sculpt by Kai Studio was hard to find back in the day, I tried to get it when I first saw it but couldn't. Kai also did two variants of Kojiro and a young Musashi. I'll post picture sets of these soon.
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