What are the DEFINITIVE Images of Berserk's Characters?


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TheBranded1 said:
Are you going to make a list here of the remaining pictures you need, that way we might be able to help if you need the help.
I don't need/want help in scanning, because I want to keep the quality consistent. But as I said in the first post, I need ideas for what images in the series capture a character.

Think about it—we see several panels of Raban or Owen, or the Queen of Midland. But which one exemplifies their character, while meeting the criteria for a portrait? I've picked some for two of these three characters already, but maybe they're not the ideal. I don't just want _a_ image of a character. I want _the_ image.
For me whenever I think of Guts I picture him like this:

I think the way we picture the characters in our mind is different from one person to another, so it's hard to find the right image for each character.For example, I prefer Griffith's look during the golden age arc, back when his hair was straight, not fluffy.So whenever I try to picture him I imagine how he looked back then.It might not be the same for everyone.So yeah it's going to be hard to find just one image for each character.
But I agree with you.The images should be all in black and white, because some minor characters don't have a colored version.Also I think when choosing the images, the characters faces must be neutral.No smiling, grinning etc.The image I showed you wouldn't work well, because Guts face is partially hidden.
Anyway I hope I could be of some help.
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