What are you listening to? (general music thread)

NIN Bad Witch as well actually. Agree with your critique on it. Loving a few Mazzy Star songs atm and discovered Glass Animals.
Mazzy Star are cool, dreamy. A friend gave me So Tonight That I Might See a couple of years ago as a present and that's how I was introduced to the band. That's probably my favorite album of the group.
Damn guys... I fucking LOVE Mazzy Star ! I've been listening to "She Hangs Brightly", "So Tonight That I Might See" and "Among my Swan" these past months.
Hope Sandoval have such a voice... and she sang on this track (This song has haunted me for years) by The Chemical Brothers:

Hands down my favourite female singer.


All praise Grail
Not sure why or how it happened but I suddenly found myself interested in Frank Black (Francis). I guess i was listening to some old Pixies and thought about revisiting his solo work. Once i started down that road I couldn't get enough. I ended up buying the Complete Recordings of Frank Black and the Catholics, as well as all the rest of solo stuff. The guy is incredibly prolific. More than I ever knew and far more than he gets credit for. Currently I'm hooked on his soundtrack for the 1920 German silent film Der Golem (which you can watch here https://vimeo.com/15581812 )
Been listening to PIG - Risen a lot lately.

Loved everything that came before. PIG's discography is downright amazing. But this one took a bit to click. But when it did, it really did. I really love this album and kinda regret not spending the billion dollars it would have cost me to get the special vinyl version he released.

I haven't listened to her whole album yet but I love Them Are Us Too "Remain" (I've bought the vinyl 3 years ago), especially this song:

Drab Majesty is very good too.
Really digging the last few replies in this thread.

Not too recently I also bought the Akira OST on vinyl (lucked out at a local store) and the Silent Hill 2 limited OST. Both are huge in my life. I have serious nostalgia listening to the Akira OST as I used to listen to it while doing homework as a teenager.

The Silent Hill 2 OST is also one of the most immense pieces of music to ever exist in my life too. Fucking changed everything for me. Getting it on vinyl was a huge deal for me hah.

Also much love to Perturbator. I have a special edition of the Uncanny Valley signed by him. Love it.

What I've been listening to a lot lately:
Front Line Assembly - Wake Up the Coma
Carter Tutti Void - Transverse
Psychic TV - Mr. Alien Brain VS the Skinwalkers
Persona 5 OST
Haven been listening to:
Pony (album) by Orville Peck, Vertebrae by Enslaved, and the Helloween discography the past month.

Orville Peck or country music in general usually isn't my thing, but I saw them open for Lord Huron this past weekend and I really dug the vibe they were going for. Bit of Johnny Cash mixed with post-rock or shoegaze (from what I could gather). Cool stuff.
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New Rammstein is some of their best. That is all.

This. Holy fuck this.

I think I've listened to the album 5 times now (vinyl is the mail!) and wow. It completely encompasses their sound as a whole while still being fresh. Just amazing.

The song Puppe gave me fucking chills. Those goddamn vocals. Unbelievably haunting. Best he's ever done. He's going to kill himself live on that one.


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The song Puppe gave me fucking chills. Those goddamn vocals. Unbelievably haunting. Best he's ever done. He's going to kill himself live on that one.

:ganishka: yeah that was my take too. "He's going for it, isn't he? Shit!" It's also the percussion though. Everything just gels for that song's climax. I have no idea what he's saying but I think he misses his doggie. :beast:
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Puppe is my fav as well the lyrics are really hard.
It is about a kid whos sister is a prostitute who works at home.Every night when she works she locks him in a room with a doll(puppe). At some point he starts screaming that he ripps of the head of the doll,that he bites of the neck of the doll, and that he is feeling bad. In one sentence we hear that one guy hit the sister to death.At the end he screams that he is fine.
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Waiting for my copy to arrive. A close bud did guest vocals on it.
I got the "Drape of Blood" color variant. Oh that's cool ! Who it is ? And on which song did he sang ?
I really dig Full of Hell, I've been listening to them since 6 years.

Also discovered Portrayal of Guilt last year, very good band too. Dylan Walker from Full of Hell did guest vocals on this track:

I got their album "Let Pain Be Your Guide" on vinyl 2 months ago, this record is a beast.
Hey, just wanted to share with you guys some of my favorites. :guts:

" Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven " (Album) by Godspeed You! Black Emperor;

" F# A# ∞ " (Album) by Godspeed You! Black Emperor;

il y a " (Album) by Mutyumu;

" Resurrection " (Album) by Galneryus;

" Arche " (Album) by DIR EN GREY;

" Ixtab " (Album) by My Dead Girlfriend;

" Metaphorical Music " (Album) by Nujabes;

" Glitter " (Album) by Pasteboard;

" ACT II " (Album) by The Protomen;

" 7th-Mov. : U " and " The Edge oF a §WORD " from the Sengoku BASARA -The Last Party- Anime Soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano;

The Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Anime Soudtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano;

The Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Game Soundrack by Hiroyuki Sawano;

The Hajime no Ippo Anime Soundtrack by Tsuneo Imahori;

The Tokyo Ghoul Anime Soundtrack by Yutaka Yamada;

The Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka

The list sure got long. :carcus:

Have a good one. :ubik:
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