What are you watching? (television thread)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory are all back on this week, so I'll be watching those. I'm still watching Tosh.0, but the season finale is next week, so I won't be watching for much longer. I'll be watching Archer as soon as it premieres next year. :guts:


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Oburi said:
I miss Miller's show too, but eh, Maher is ok to fill in that gap. Though, as much as I respect Miller, he became a little too right leaning in recent years and I find him just as smug and annoying as Maher now. At least Maher makes me laugh still, so.
Just can't stand either anymore.

Truder said:
I like Bill Mahers too, he's my hero
Wow, I'm sorry to hear that.

On topic... I don't have cable anymore, so I'm watching streaming sports online, if anything. Saw UCLA take it to Houston last Saturday, and the Niners repeatedly give back the Monday Night Football game that the Saints all but gift-wrapped for them. Looking forward to the start of possibly the last NBA season ever, and I'll watch the new season of Eastbound & Down on the demand whenever I'm near a cable box.
Jersey Shore tonight ... Snookie gives Angelina a 'beat down' :void: ... oouuuuuuuuu!

*got hit in the teeth when he tried to drink his Fanta with the cap on*

Anyone excited bout the new season of Top Gear? I watched the season premier of Hell's Kitchen last night, 2 hours of cussing and over-dramatic people, especially this current batch of contestants. This guy Raj does karate on screen, breathes HEAVY, and is the worst chef although the most experienced. He's prolly on the show for just that reason.


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Walter said:
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
I watched seasons 1-3 on DVD, then ditched 4 on TV when it started getting wackier, but the real reason is...

Walter said:
Mad Men. That's it. I don't even know why I still have cable...
...I just don't watch TV shows regularly anymore, can't say why. So I'm missing out on even the worthwhile stuff I know I'd like, like Mad Men or Breaking Bad. I think it's the initial time commitment, not that I don't have the time to watch a weekly TV show, but when I already have to catch up on multiple seasons, it becomes kind of a large undertaking, and I waste enough time already.


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I was underwhelmed with the season final of Entourage. Way too much sappy drama for the show, and the ending didn't really feel like an ending, just like any other episode. On the bright side they confirmed that there will be one more season next year, albeit a short one, and a motion picture (kind of like Sex and the City the Movie), which is good because they really need to end the series with the same kind of excellent writing that kicked it off in the beginning. If they don't, I'll never watch it again because it's going down hill fast!


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SaiyajinNoOuji said:
Also Seikon no Qwaser. :carcus:
For the plot? :slan:

I didn't watch any TV this season(again) or much anime(just 2 episodes of Amagami SS), looking forward to Panty and Stocking With Garter Belt, Arakawa Under the Bridge Season 2, and a few others next season though.


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Well I just started watching it... it is hilarious for the exact reasons you guys are probably thinking of. That I just wanted to see how far they go with some of their "power up'ing". :ganishka:


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Highschool of the dead is ok, seikon no qwaser is much worse (and better in other categories :carcus:).
i started watching Rainbow.. they cry every dam episode at least twice. :mozgus: its so pathetic.
Truder said:
i started watching Rainbow.. they cry every dam episode at least twice. :mozgus: its so pathetic.
Probably the only ongoing anime series I follow, but it seems so unreal, I dunno what to cry about :schierke:. "An-chan, an-chan..."


Community season 2 this fall :D (I just bought the first season on DVD. I love this show.)

Also some Chuck, House and Dexter. I am very selective with my television.

However, a show called Running Wilde starring Will Arnet and writting by Sir Arnet and Mitch Hurwitz recently aired. I was a big fan of Arrested Development, so I am happy about this collaboration. Even David Cross was in the pilot episode. It does not look to be as promising as Arrested Development, but that might just be my biased nature. Here is to a good season!


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Currently watching the new seasons of Venture Brothers, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Big Bang Theory, Community and Modern Family.

And I've been marathoning 24. Probably going to stop after the first season because it's too much for me to take in. Watching these characters' lives flip-flop over the course of a fucking hour has really taken its toll on me.


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IncantatioN said:
New season for Venture Brothers?!?! Woah!!! I have the DVD box set with 2 Season's worth. How is it so far??
Dude it's already in the second half of season 4! It's been an excellent season so far, but nothing compares to season 2. It's coming close, but I'll have to wait until the actual season is over to determine if I like it more than 2.

My faves go like this: 2, 3, 4 and then 1.
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude, no waii !!!! I can't believe I missed this *raises fist* ... thanks for the update!

Jersey Shore tonight, I think Angelina beats up Snookie ...

Anyone watching the new season of Hell's Kitchen? They had their 3rd and 4th episodes air last night, and so far it's pretty much fun.
I'm watching Dexter, and Community. In 6 days I'll be watching NHL Hockey. Lots and lots of NHL hockey.

I've tried to get into the Event, and Boardwalk Empire, but no luck yet. I'll give them a few more episodes.
I'll be watching UW take on USC tomorrow afternoon after the Sounders FC (hopefully) defeats Toronto FC. Then on Sunday it's the Seahawks in St. Louis. It's gonna be a good weekend. :guts:
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