What Do the God Hand Do?

If I remember correctly, I think Conrad is responsible for plagues and stuff. But aside from that, and Griffith trying to fulfil his dream, do the God Hand do anything outside of accepting sacrifices and maybe doing stuff for the idea of evil? I remember when the count summoned them they were all just sorta standing together in astral world, and when the astral world merge happened ubik was just chilling in a dinner table with some people in a Hieronymus Bosch painting. But do they do stuff? Or do they just kinda fuck around in the astral world


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Slan tells us in Vol 26 that they don't necessarily keep tabs on each other during the periods when they aren't gathered together for ceremonies. They work independently, but their aims coalesce around the Idea of Evil's overall plan for humanity.

Aside from their appearances at ceremonies and the handful of times we've seen them elsewhere (Slan in the flames of the pagan orgy in vol 18, Conrad spreading plague through the rats in vol 17) their day-to-day activities are kept mysterious. But those little glimpses give us a pretty good idea of the kinds of projects they have. They're manipulating humanity on a macro scale, shaping world events into the direction they want things to go.

I remember when the count summoned them they were all just sorta standing together in astral world
Not actually true. They converged, one at a time, after Guts, the Count, etc. arrived.

The Beherit slices through reality to a place in the astral world where everyone gathers. It doesn't lift an astral curtain to reveal Conrad at an inopportune moment with his pants around his ankles.


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Given the sheer number of apostles just from the part of the story we've seen, answering a Beherit beeper for a ceremony could've kept them somewhat busy. Although that was probably over a few centuries at least. Still, spinning all those webs...
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