What does everybody drink?


The Shepherd
water, of if I want more taste Sprite and Ice tea green...

alcoholic? well wines and beers sort of rule in Belgium
I don't drink alcohol. But a recent pop I've tried, 7UP Plus - Cherry, is addictive as hell. I love the stuff. The "tropical" version tastes like ass, though.
non-alcoholic: water, coke, mango juice, orange juice, peach juice, passion fruit juice, any kind of fruit juice :p
Chocolate milk and tea...

alcoholic: red wine, vodka, cachaça... And I don't like beer.


around the corner
Usual : water!, coffee., some tea when in the mood.(russian tea tastes good =)
i drink some cocacola when en soirée, as i dont drink strong alcohols anymore (used to be the kind of losing-memory fellow).
Alcohol : beer (blanche de bruge, hoegaarden, ambrée de chez moi :p ) some shooters occasionnaly (vodka based stuff to tequila paf)
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