What'd you do over the weekend?


All praise Grail
Went to a Bernie Sanders rally in my home state. It was really great. Lot's of cool people and some great speeches, including one from the man himself who spoke for nearly 2 hours. I also got a slight sunburn on my face, the first of the year :judo:
Worked on my new apartment, played Fallout 4 in between, watched a few Marvel movies, read some Berserk, fell asleep waiting for Game of Thrones to come out.

Quite content how uneventful my weekend was. Normally it's just chaos hah.
This past weekend I took the bus to Philly with a friend to see Usher and The Roots perform at The Roots Picnic. I'd been to Philly twice in the past. The first time was with dad for a quick lunch and the second time was in 2011 when the owner of Geno's passed away and two friends + I hit up the city for a Philly Cheese steak crawl. We hit up Pat's, then Geno's and finally Jim's which was the best out of the three.

Arrived around lunch and hit up John's Roast Pork which we were told had good Roast Pork and Philly Cheese steak sandwiches. The cheese steak sandwich was on the OK side and what I found interesting and different was they served it with sesame bread, it added a different flavor to the mix. The roast pork was not too bad, came with spinach.

After that and a short break, we headed to the show. I'm not that familiar with Usher or The Roots but seeing them live was one of those 'wow that was really good' kinda experiences. They played 2 hours straight. And, I didn't expect to be that close to the front either.

I don't know Photoshop, so thank you Imgur for these bubble-text boxes

What I didn't notice from my trips before was that the Convention Area of Philly is full of wall arts/ murals. We were driving around and couldn't stop to appreciate them one by one cos that would take a lot of time but I took these from a moving car.

Next day we hit up a hand pulled noodle spot for lunch in Chinatown followed by doufufaa and dessert at A La Mousse

We were to get back by Bolt Bus and we got there 4 mins before departure, just in time. Pre-booked tickets in hand we were pushed to the stand-by for the next bus because we didn't come 5 mins before departure. Instead, the ticket person accepted people paying cash, which I'm sure he pocketed for himself. Anyway, we finally got on 2 buses later. All in all, a good adventurous and successful albeit short trip. I plan to take the Greyhound or Peter Pan that'll drop me at Chinatown's doorstep and gobble my way through one afternoon/ evening.
A couple weekends ago I got to go camping with some friends. I got to try kayaking for the first time. One of my friends asked me if I wanted to go out in a two-person kayak that the state park had for rent at a boat dock. She said it was easy. I agreed, assuming that since she had said it was easy she had done it before. This thought made me feel more confident about trying it, thinking she had some experience. Well, later when we were back at camp getting ready to go rent the boat she said she had never been on a kayak before! :ganishka: I guess she had just heard it was easy. She had brought her little dog, a shih tzu, with her and she wanted to take him on the kayak with us, too. Well, at that point I was pretty sure we were going to end up in the lake, but though I was a bit nervous, I was still game. That's what life vests are for, right? Even the dog had one on, a little yellow number featuring Scooby Doo. We got down to the boat dock and the rangers who were there gave us some tips about getting onto the kayak, rowing, and all that good stuff. We managed to get onto it, including the dog, who was able to sit on a flat spot that was between us. We started rowing and it wasn't nearly as hard as I had always thought it would be. The dog was very chill. I think he enjoyed it and when we would stop rowing he would become displeased and start whining, as if to say “I didn't give you permission to stop! Row on, human slaves!” My friend even tried fishing from the kayak. I have no interest in fishing, so I was content to just take in the beautiful scenery of being out on the lake, which was surrounded by lots of tall pine trees. Our only misfortune was that my friend dropped her fishing pole into the lake and it was lost, but thankfully, the rest of us stayed in the kayak. It turned out to be my favorite part of the trip!
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