What'd you do over the weekend?


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Had a going away for one of my friends. He got a good IT job in Mainland Japan. I will hopefully follow suite in a bit as well.

Other then that.. next weekend though. I will have my first wrestling tournament in like 4 years. I feel bad for the guys, they wont get much wrestling time with me. :carcus: :badbone:
^ Good luck dude!

Yesterday was a lazy all movie sort of day. I'm watching the last race of the season for Formula 1, and it looks like Vettel's going to be champion. Got a few figures/ statues to unbox, clean things up in the apartment and chill all day or head to Manhattan for some Table Tennis.


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Jaze1618 said:
Broke up with my girlfriend
That sucks bro. Sorry to hear it.

Friday night I got to see some of my favorite bands, Underoath, A Skylit Drive and Thursday. Man it was such an great show, the energy was amazing. The cool thing was that we got right up front, only about three rows of people between us and the stage. The bad part is that I missed out on being able to enjoy the full musical experience because I was constantly looking over my shoulder for people fighting or jumping on top of us crowed surfing. I got kicked in the face like 12 times and my body hurts all over. There were so many people and I was stuck in the complete center, absolutely no way out, ready to keel over and just dying of thirst. Luckily, my proudest moment came when the guitarist threw his water bottle into the crowed and, like the end of some epic baseball movie, I jumped up caught it with such determination, nobody stood a chance. I took a sip then a passed it along, like a gentleman of course! :serpico:


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I was at that show on Wednesday Oburi :guts: Only gripe is that here in Chicago, it means House of Blues and I have the world's biggest grudge against that overpriced joke of a venue. But the bands were great, so that's all that matters.


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Played two games of Axis and Allies with a bunch of friends, the first of which lasted 10 hours and the second lasted five. Filled in the blanks with naps and Settlers of Catan.


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Saephon said:
I was at that show on Wednesday Oburi :guts: Only gripe is that here in Chicago, it means House of Blues and I have the world's biggest grudge against that overpriced joke of a venue. But the bands were great, so that's all that matters.
I hear that. Tickets are 25, parking is 15 and drinks are 5+. I easily spent over a hundred dollars just on myself.

Edit- THis is the only semi good picture I got.

Thats the lead singer form A Skylit Drive

Griffith said:
You just wrote the oburiuary for their relationship! :troll:
It's what I do. :guts:


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F611 said:
Last night I saw My Chemical Romance in Newcastle.

If you liked the last album you should like this tour (at least I did).
You lucky son of a bitch! I missed them when they came around my part. I was really upset, I loved the new album.

Anyway I'm going to see Chiodos and Emarosa tonight in Boston. Really excited, only downside is it's in Boston, which is a good hours drive for me.


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I went to a Japanese festvial downtown earlier today. I got to eat some soy beans, and a rice ball :guts:
Some pics I took with my cellphone.

when I got there, the dance already had started.

Bonsai tree I liked

Cooks going at it

Cosplayers lining up for a contest

They also had an Akita rescue program.



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I had to free tickets to see Michael Ian Black at a comedy show saturday night, which I was so excited for but at the last possible second my freind bailed on me. So instead I ended up giving the tickets to another old buddy I bumped into. It kinda sucks that I didn't get to go, but at least the tickets didn't go waste.

I did get to see Emarosa and Chiodos (another one of me favorite bands) on thursday and it was such an amazing show. I even managed to jump up like superman and catch a drumstick that they threw into the crowed. I'm pretty satisfied actually, I got to see three of my favorite bands in less than a week. I feel really lucky :guts:

Th3Branded0ne said:
I went to a Japanese festvial downtown earlier today. I got to eat some soy beans, and a rice ball :guts:
Aaah cool, I've always wanted to check out a Japanese street fair or festival in the city, but I get to know about it a week later. What other foods did they have??
This weekend is full of doing apartmentsy stuff since my Mom's coming to visit me on May 11, I can't wait! She hasn't seen my statues/ helmet busts yet, so it'll prolly be a shock to her =_='

Last weekend I was in Wisconsin, mainly Milwaukee and Madison. Known a bunch of metalheads since 04 and we all met, well most of us. I didn't know Wisconsin was known for their Cheese, so I had to have some ofcourse and checked out a Cave while I was there, went for a death/ black metal show and just met with people generally. I've gotta go back! Here're some pictures ...

Lake view room the first night ...

Bunch of baka's outside a brewery

Cheese bar!


Ate at a place called Rocco's ... pizza's are supposed to be their specialty ... this was yummy ... crust was stuffed with cheese!

My back-seat snack

Cave of the Mounds

At the airport on my way back to NYC
So did your mother enjoy her stay with all your statues Incantation? :iva: On Saturday I slept in and played games, what life should be like. :troll: Well I had a job interview on Sunday and it went very well. I will be hearing back from the manager this week.
Man, she sat on the couch and she said "oh my god, what's that skeleton (SK Bust) you've got there?!" and I calmed her down a bit explaining it wasn't real and it was off Berserk, jumped 2 steps to the right to grab a Volume with SK to show her it was a character. She said it was a bit too dark for the apartment, would garner negative energy perhaps ... you know that sorta stuff. She noticed my 2 show-cases on either side of the couch and put her glasses on. Staring back at her to her right is the Zodd-Wyald statue and she gushed the same way she did with the SK Bust and asked if the blood was real. Then I went on a 5 minute info talk detailing everything, showing her statues and the intricate detail involved and showed her Musashi's statue which was a change from all the blood in Berserk! I said "Ma, if it helps, worse comes to worse I'll put a piece of cloth on my cabinets and the 3 busts so it won't freak you out", she said yeah, that would help. I didn't do anything that night, but asked her if I should the next day and she said she was getting used to it. She said no girl would wanna come home to this sort of thing and that's when I remember the girls/ women of the board! My mom's cool that way (used to watch Rurouni Kenshin and One Piece with me and my bro back home at lunch/ dinner), just a bit of shock for her cos she was here last May and there were 0 statues or PVC's back then :farnese:


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how much did you go over? did you say: "what seems to be the problem officer?" XD.


Truder said:
how much did you go over? did you say: "what seems to be the problem officer?" XD.
Yeah!! No, not really. Haha. I was going 65 in a 45. It's one of those jank highways where the speed changes every ten seconds and I just decided to cruise at 65. Protip: Slow down at those annoying 45's.

Th3Branded0ne said:
Camera or radar gun?


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Going to see papa roach and escape the fate tonight. Not really into these bands (at all actually) but its free and my girl like them so I guess ill do though with it.
I saw Rush last night in Newcastle on their Time Machine tour.

The music was excellent and it was funny throughout. I would recommend watching them if you are a fan of progressive rock, etc.



I saw an Opera over the weekend: Madame Butterfly.

It was the first Opera I've been too and I really enjoyed it. It was sang sung 100% in Italian, but they did have a screen with subtitles for all 3 Acts. Ever since I saw the Final Fantasy symphony with the Opera that came here in Atlanta recently I've been wanting to see a full Opera and man it did not disappoint. Such a sad, but nice story.

Also, I had no clue Weezer's Butterfly song was about Madame Butterfly. Probably cause I never knew the story either, but I guess it would be obvious for most people that are familar familiar with the play since Weezer's album title is "Pinkerton" - which is of of the main characters last name.
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