What's the meaning of Kenpuu Denki?

Sorry if this have been discussed before, I couldn't find an existing thread on this.

What is the correct translation of "kenpuu denki"? online people argue it either "Sword wind romance" or "Sword wind chronicle" so which one is it?
Also, what does "sword wind" refers to? the only wind related sword I can think of is Serpico's but its obviously not the reason.

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Regarding 剣風 (kenpū), which is the title of episode 001 of the manga (published in volume 5):

The line refers to the movement of air that is created when someone wields a sword. But that's just the literal meaning. It's originally a Chinese expression that is actually a lot more profound than that. The sword's wind can refer to the swordsman's life or to his journey, even to his fighting style. There's really a lot of ways to interpret it.

As for 伝奇 (denki), it translates to "strange and fantastical story". There's no direct equivalent for it in English. Online Japanese to English dictionaries define it as: "fantasy fiction; bizarre fiction".
I do wonder, why didn't anyone decide to include a translation of this official title? this anime adaptation is more commonly known as Berserk 97 to this day...
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