What's with the astral world?


We got into the astral world after the long path with trolls. ;D
Then why do you think we should see the real astral world?
Oh yeah, the right answer is "because Miura shows it to us"
Then why do you think Miura does it?
Of course, the right answer is "we don't know yet"
But hey! This is just plain speculation section.
You can make your own reason for that.

I think, ummm, considering Griffith, Guts should find something important to fight Griffith's whole army.
I always wonder how Guts band can fight them.
They are absolutely outnumbered. Besides, when Griffith gets Midland, Guts band should deal with thousands of people plus Griffith's minion apostles. We know they have the magic weapons but I don't think they are enough for their fight.

Therefore I think Guts might find the clue why the spiritual things came up to the real world.
If Guts finds the connection with Griffith in the astral world, I think Guts also can find how to fight Griffith.
I mean Guts should know about reborn Griffith as much as possible.
To make a long story short,Guts should know more than before.
Relating to this, I think Schierke plays a role leading Guts to the astral world or other world in berserk and explaining to him about them.

What do you think? ::)


The Black Chick of Darkness
Since the astral world is a world of the mind, the final battle betwheen Guts and Grifis will happen in the world of the mind. To kill a spiritual being in the real world is of no use. What Miura want tell us is that somehow the leeching and meshing of the spiritual and real world has to be stopped, but that is possible only with the mind not with weapons magical or otherwise. It is the concept of Grifith that has to be banned, not is material body.


The can opener went bye-bye...
I disagree. Griffith is probably causing the problems with reality, because he has ties to the lowest depths of reality. He was Griff when he met Idea in the lost chapter. I think his presence in the phisical world and ties to the Ideal level (I need to memorize those terms) are screwing with reality. Kill griff and he is no longer in the material world.

Somethings gonna happen to the DS...


Yeah. what matters is the spiritual things are coming up to the real world.
It could be even compared with the fact reborn Griffith got his physical body. The difference is they don't get physical body in a certain way like Griffith but look as if they had got physical body.

And as Schierke said in 215, the astral and the real world got blended so completely.
No doubt this is the unexpected situation that happened with the rebirth ceromony of Griffith.
Anyway, Griffith and other spiritual things don't exist in only in the spiritual world now.
They come out.
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