Where are you from?


Succumb to the will of the beast
Born in Colorado USA, on the move quite a bit now due to my job.

I am new here, been reading Berserk for about a year now.

I'd like to thank all the contributing members of the site, you've shown me a lot of small details I miss in the story, and I am glad for it. Thanks.
Hi, I'm from Quebec in Canada. I currently live at Montreal (coolest city of this country). I use Guts as a nickname because I got handicaped 3 years ago and it gives strenght to bear the name of the most struggling character ever, trust me.  :guts:

Femto the Raven

The location of agony? The human soul.
A life long citizen of Florida, but I've moved all over the place, currently living in a tiny burg on the edge of the state line surrounded by a forest of Berserk like porportions. :serpico:
Cambridge, in the UK. I know there's at least one other Berserk fan in the area, because the damn books are always selling out before I can afford them, and someone bought the second Skull Knight figure in Forbidden Planet. Grr. :SK:

Death May Die

"That day you left, that's when I knew."
Missouri. Almost smack down in the middle of America. Thats right. I'm further way from any other country as you can get in America.
I believe I've mentioned this before, but born in Chillicothe, OH and residing in Cincinnati, OH. Ohio being the current center of western civilization, obviously.
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