Which berserk 20th anniversary version is your favorite ?

The 20th Anniversary Black Version is probably my favorite. I'm a little biased though, since that's the one I own...

I also like the European version and the Last Repaint (lol). The red skin probably isn't true to the manga but I like the way it looks all around.
Love the statue, have 3 variations of it by now. Non-blood version, European Version, and now the 2015 w/ Apostle.....each got it's own individual flair. If I had to pick though, I'd say I love the clean look of the boodless version as it really shows off the armor. I never liked the last repainting because the blood and the red skin looks too messy. The 2015 I have to admit looks pretty great with the new mantle and Berserker helmet (not accurate but hey, it looks cool). Probably not buying anymore though.....but then that's what I said after I had 2 of them lol.
Liad said:
The fact that this is even a discussion we're having is so sad :p for shame AoW.
So true :ubik:
Speaking of "favorite" I must say that I always imagined dark red muscles in berserker armor joints, so for me last repaint and 2015 version looks like I always expected. The only disadvantage is eye holes in the helmet.
I also like bone version of the Skull Knight the most, and dream to obtain it.
Yes, that skullknight + Zodd/Wyald broke me out of the Guts only statues rule for Berserk.......The weathered bone Skullknight is indeed spectacular, amazing paint job and definitely one of the best statues AOW has ever produced. Loving it and am thankful I was lucky enough to locate one.
My favourite is last repainting. The paint job is out of this world. Superb.
My very close 2nd will be 2015 version. It is more unique/special then the rest because the head is much much better and the armour, helmet amd cape is fearsome and awesome! Superb!
The last ver. Is indeed the best ver. So far. I Owned the original bloody ver, the Euro ver. And the last ver. Once apon a time but now I the only ver. I kept is the last. The inner red color truly mixed well with the black armor, which is ture to the latest manga style. The actual detail and mood of this piece is just insane. The new 2015 ver. Is cool too but it is really up to your taste. The new helmet is like a hit or miss thing, either you like it or hated it.
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