White Knight Chronicles

The time is almost appon us to take arms and fell some evil monsters! Anyone plan on getting this rpg for PS3? Comes on next month on the 2nd. I plan on getting this and was looking to get some fellow knights to join me if you planed on getting it to do online quests when the time comes. This game seems really cool I planed on getting this and ff13 but I am not so sure about ff13 any more I will have to wait for that.


"Bring the light of day"
I'm in... though the only person I see here accepting me for PS3 network has been Slan69 :carcus:. Though I warn you, I'm on full nocturnal hours when I play.
Well my birthday is just around the corner so if I get some money I just might buy this game. I'll let you know if I do Breed & Nomad. :slan:


Yeah, count me in on this as well. I'm not 100% sure how the co-op is going to be. It seems everyone does their normal story mode but then you can go online and do co-op missions together that is different from the main story.

hopefully I can beat demon's souls before this comes out. and then hopefully I can beat this before ff13! lol

then of course god of war 3 and gran turismo 5. Man... too many good games are coming out so soon. This is going to be great.
As far as I think I read and saw in videos about the game I am assuming, That you make 1 character that followes the main character around and when you get to a lvl or an area of the game the on line opens up to you. I am going to also assume once you are able to do a geo rama ( for those of you who do not know and do know who played dark cloud its a town you make that helps out your main character(s) I think. ) is when the on line will open up or it will soon after.

From what I saw watching Japaneses videos is that you have a team of 4 players I don't know how you get together I hope its similar to cod's invite to party thing. But the quests on line are manly for weapons, items, and i think ore I think there is a crafting element to the game. What's also nice is that you can use voice chat and keyboard i believe.

I figure we could come here and set up meetings to do on line quests when we unlock it if thereare enough people. Maybe even make a band of the hawk guild if that's even possible i know its not an mmo but it could be possible hopefully.
Anyone besides me get this game? I didn't let the reviews sway me from not buying it. I am enjoying the game nothing extremely new is going on which I see why it was reviewed poorly. I feel It is a very solid game the combat is easy to understand its pretty much ff12 but you can set 7 different actions on 3 different bars. With that much customization I don't see how combat can get boring unless you horde your action chips just to transform and not use them for other upgraded attacks.

Graphics are pretty good not mind blowing but I'm only a graphics whore on certain games so it does not bother me it may to others though. There are some really pretty things to see while walking around, I found a boat in lake which was nice. The game lets you take screen shots which is pretty cool too.

The story even tho it has been done before is still not to bad so far. I am a sucker for saving princesses that will never get old for me.

This game also got poor reviews because the dungeons are to big and you can get lost in them for hours. That is total bs because if you open the full map there is a star that marks where you have to go. In no way have I gotten lost I just choose to not use the map because I wish to explore this new world that was created insted if zooming by and rushing through everything. In the reviews they don't bother to tell you that. I think it is a decent RPG IMO I would give this game an 8/10
I'm thinking of maybe picking it up, I love the idea of the online features and the player made towns in it. I've heard the game is a lot better than a lot of reviews have been making it out to be.
I am enjoying this game allot, I just tried out the online questing got kicked from one quest since psn logged me out but finished another with 2 other people and got an s rank. Online questing is cool the mic is awesome allot better then typing but that's even nice to have as well. Definitely feels like what an mmo would be like on ps3 and while questing found out the attack circle can go faster if someone casted haste so combat online was awesome I will now spend points to get haste for the single player game.

I am now just grasping the use of the georama i do believe it affects you in single play as well with the drops you get but I could be wrong. Or georama just affects what sells in the town you make and that's it I am still trying to figure it out.
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