Who is the old man appearing in Vagabond chapter 301?

Hiya everyone! :guts: I'm kibasennin, and I have got a question:

Who is the old man appearing in Vagabond chapter 301?

In the newly arrived Chapter 301 of the Vagabond manga we see musashi encountering an old man saying that his son was killed by a nameless ronin on new years and that his second son challenged the swordsman for revenge and died too...
This all leads us to believe that it's Seijuro and Densichiro Yoshioka's father, Yoshioka Kenpo...

although, Yoshioka Kenpo is said to be dead in the following pages, or at least, it is what I understood.

Densichiro even sees his ghost...

So how is it that musashi sees him in chapter 301?! Is the old man really Kenpo? :void:
wasnt that the leader of yoshioka(i think i wrote it wrong :D) dojo ,also didnt know sk had Vagabond corner..awesome ^^


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The simplest explanation is he's just some guy. :ganishka:

He's certainly not Yoshioka Kempō, but was perhaps a senior member of the school before leaving after Kempo's death, and by his own testimony he's not the only such former member out there. As for his apparent descriptions of Seijūrō and Den like his sons, he may have just been speaking poetically, equating the Yoshioka family to his own (which along with his doomed quest suggests to me he was relatively prominent and involved when Kempo was alive). Also, something easily could have been lost in the translation, so until we have the official one (in a couple years? =) don't jump to any wild conclusions.
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