WIP 1/10 Guts on horse back - commission

I'm back.

Another commission, Art of War's 1/10 scale kit of Guts on horse back.
It's an old kit released in 2001, but as the description presses; a really well produced kit.

For the base, I wanted to recreate the charge at Doldrey.
The kit comes with 2 heads, one helm less smirking as hell and one helm clad one looking... well, bored.
The commissioner decided to follow my idea transplanting the smirking face onto the helmed head:

As the kit is pretty big demanding a wide base and as Guts is charging into battle, I wanted to cram as many vital details as possible into the presentation.
The commissioner agreed, and I came up with the idea of Guts jumping over a battle field obstacle:

For the presentation base I noticed that my old humidor lid was quite perfect size wise:

Some plaster of Paris, desert sand and a wash later:

Populating the base...

Stray arrows from distant archers:

A water barrel being crushed by the steed's right hoof:
Water will be splashing further on...

And an abandoned shield + a halberd banner:

I got the inspiration for the shield from this manga frame:

The halberd banner/flag... well, I browsed the manga and the art book back and forth till I noticed this lil' banner in the art book. Quite suiting i think... ;)

The one to the far left. That - is - the - Swedish - Flag!!! :D

All, save the barrel dry mounted on the dry brushed base to look like this:



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Looks amazing. The shield, arrows, barrel... The background you've created is stunning!
I appreciate your enthusiasm, gents... =)

Added magnets for both front hooves + Guts' inner thighs and the sides of the saddle. More obviously I added tall grass around the obstacle to obscure the pole supporting the hind leg of the horse.
The arrows are glued in place and I am debating on where to place the shield in order to make the back side of it more visible.
Next up is the crushed water barrel...

The water barrel being crushed by the horse's front hoof is coming together (or apart :p ) nicely.

The hoof was covered with saran wrap and then I added 2 part epoxy glue in order to make a sturdy key. This and the magnets will make the horse really stable.
Then I removed the saran wrap and added Liquitex super heavy gel to the barrel as seen in these pics:

The following pics (and the one on top) with the clear core shows the stage at which I left it tonight, after another layer to make it more vivid.

So, The beauty of it is it dries completely clear =)

Oh, and I painted the basic flesh tones:

Wow, Joa... That water is something else!!! You applied that gel perfectly, creating a very realistic bursting appearance. I'm floored!

Oh, and nice flesh tones. :serpico:
Flesh colors coming together; pretty much done and I painted it all with oils on an enamel base. Final shadowing will be done once the armor and clothing is painted.

And here's the face, and as usual Guts is pretty pissed:

Getting somewhere with the armor:

Flat black enamel base, and dry brushed Humbrol Silver 11 over it.
More dry brushing, now with Humbrol 27003 polished steel followed with polishing it to a sheen.
Oil washes in creases and around rivets for a rusty, worn look.
I will follow up with some dry pastels later on.
Pants, leather details and buckles painted in and washed.

Pants will be dry brushed to a worn look and leather details painted with oils for an aged sheen.
Pants have been painted to specs and the leather parts are all done.
I attached the sword holder (for the lack of a better word) and the belt and dagger. These will of course be painted later on, as will the spurs which I have used for holding the legs.


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I'm so grateful for the talent that contribute to the section of the forum. You guys are awesome. Excellent work. I smile every time I see someone likes Joa's work. Its very stunning and inspiring.
Thank you!

Horse done sans saddle bags and of course final detailing..

Basic color; I choose "red Leather":

Future + flat base and FW sepia and black layer on layer:

Metals painted in and washed with enamel/oil.
The hauberk was lightly dry brushed with a red tone and the leather details got an over haul with a few tones of different browns:

Where I left the kit tonight after detailing the eyes and the mouth:



The Armor and the pants look fantastic! That barrel with water just look so real, very nice. No clue how you find all these little items or even think about putting them in!
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