WIP - Ehren's Casca kit

I just opened the magic box to inspect the parts.

Just .. wow! :judo:

The scale is roughly 1/5 and the castings are PERFECT.
All pieces are really clean and the details are awesome!
There are small hints at seam lines which will be a breeze to clean up.

I've heard comments of her head being "too wide" and too big, but holding the face part (nice touch with the hair as a one piece cap, btw!!!) it's not that bad, though there is room for "improvements" if you're a basically skilled modeler.
I think I will rather prolong her chin rather than carve away at the sides.
Also, her torso feels a bit short, and this is a really easy fix by adding about 1cm (0,4") to the upper armor to better resemble the original drawing and even out her proportions.
Here's a snap composite of what I am hinting at.

At a pricetag of $140 (+ shipping), this is a REALLY nice rendition of Casca and will; I am sure, paint up out of the box to a very nice statue.
If you're willing to put a few hours extra work into her, she'll be an absolute Masterpiece!

A huge Thank You to Ehren (Silvia) for listening to us fans deciding to cast her.

// J
I've been fiddling with this kit back and forth since I got it, and quite forgot to tell anyone about it (save my facebook contacts).

While the kit itself is Very nicely executed, there was (as I mentioned in my oob review above) room for "improvement" or modifications if you like.

I found the waist area a tad too "thick" and short, not entirely matching my personal picture of the fighter woman Casca.

Here's a photoshop mock up I did illustrating just that, using the illustrational source material as comparison:

I chopped her up, cutting the torso in 2 along the natural seamline + elongated it & her arms accordingly using armature wire:

Obviously that's a crappy photoshop mock up blur thingy in the middle...

Here's what the torso looks like now, resculpted and compared to the original piece:
I also elongated the lower armor skirt part + upped her chest one size.
Note that this is not that visible once the torso got longer; it's all about proportions...

black line marks reference point on both pieces

I wanted the face to be a cross between the manga and the anime, so I carved away and resculpted the eyes, mouth, chin and hair.
Not that I dislike the more human, naturalistic touch to her features Ehren gave her; it's just not my Casca... ^^

Since this is her 2:nd armor (of the 3 she uses during the Golden Age), it's obviously from between the 100 man slayer battle and Griffith's imprisonment.
I think I will replace the base to one resembling the Castle of Doldrey as that is the only pivotal battle sequence with her in that armor, but I haven't made my mind up yet.
Anyhow .. I really want her to be wearing her helmet, so what's a guy to do?

That's it for now... :casca:


Oh, I forgot .. I had the sword cast in .925 Sterling silver! :carcus:

That's the raw silver to the left.
It is being worked over by my personal smith Sarah Burchill (<- click for the Kill Bill Katana she made for me)
Due to time restraints and the cost, I choose to not have this sword made from scratch though, as opposed to the Katana.
She'll polish it to hell and gild some details gold and others will be oxided.

**edit #2

The helmet is done:

A first mock up mount of the kit.
The head is a bit loose, leaning backwards and will be tilted this way once secured.

A comparison shot with the original layout to better show off the proportion changes.
The black lines are for reference; heel, boot top and difference in height torso wise:

I've been debating which color scheme to go with, and with the help of the Missus; I decided on this.

When browsing for suitable color references I noticed a painting which showed she miss spurs(!).
I hadn't really thought about it, but will of course add these in a day or two.

I started painting her today.
First stage is the armour, and here's a quick in prog walkthrough:

And here's a youtube turnaround of the finished polished helmet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6SQwQQtuH0

Sarah finished the sword today.
I got this rather crappy pic via mms, but I can't wait to see it in person!!! :casca:

So ... I spent the better part of the past 3 hours stippling enamel paint to simulate something like raw silk:

Another view which also shows off the shiiiiiiiny armor =)

All the armor parts have been weathered down with a black oil wash + some "rust".
This will be muted later on with dry pastels. Here's the helmet:

The cape received the same stipple treatment as the skirt.
Here it looks kind of glossy, but that's because the paint haven't dried fully.
I'll mute the shadows etc with dry pastels later on.

Cape, skirt and belt thingies done for tonight.
Many more steps yet till I am finished though.



Wow :isidro: this is looking awesome Joa. the the breastplate looks amazing!! Love the shades on the cloak.

that brush oil rust technique looks really freaking good. That close up of the skirt I thought it was cloth at first!!

guess I didn't pay attention to this post but that torso improvement helps a lot too.

nice job dude.


Amazing. Looks just like Casca. Perfect job on the helmet..The feather is a great touch! Isn't this called Kit bashing? Or is that when you take seperate kits to make a new one?
What a perfect Friday evening... =)
New spurs for Casca from a paperclip, epoxy putty and some 2mm brass.
Left to do is the stars.

Aphasia said:
Isn't this called Kit bashing? Or is that when you take seperate kits to make a new one?
The latter ;)

Most of the parts are finished, save the sword hilt.
The eyes will be clear coted once the transparent Heavy Gel has fully cured.
The figure won't be fully assembled till the base is done.
The helmet won't be attached to the face/head till I've added the eyelashes which will show up in a week or so.
When the figure has been mounted on the (not yet decided) base, I'll go over her for final touch ups.
Oh, and I'll get the sword tomorrow! =)
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