World Trade Centre

I thought Hollywood had to wait longer before exploiting tragic events like these.

And it seems Oliver Stone is directing this, real promising. ::)


This journey isn't ov--AARGH!
The one good thing about this movie is that when the trailer showed in my local theatre, everyone who wouldn't shut their traps finally zipped up. Aside from that, the movie is too soon out and the use of named Holywood actors takes the 'personal' touch away from it.
Uriel said:
Aside from that, the movie is too soon out and the use of named Holywood actors takes the 'personal' touch away from it.

Aazealh said:
It's the sequel to Pearl Harbor, right? Is Ben Affleck starring in? :chomp:
Funny that, that was one of the main movie comparisons I had in mind when I posted this.
I don't think it's too soon. Film can be very useful in coping with tragic events.
Weren't there WWII movies out as WWII was going on?
I can't recall at this moment. And that's probably a bad comparison.
But I think the subject should be treated with the utmost respect, such as United 93. This film seems more exploitative and relies on the music and the event itself to make you feel something; perhaps and pang of sorrow and despair? Or maybe pride for how brave we Americans can be.
Nationalist pride.
This film is like a Toby Keith song.

This film was made to make you cry. It's about 9/11, does that do anything for you? How about those horrible NY accents? No? How about this incredibly sappy, STRAIGHT-FROM-THE-HEART, manipulative music score? Oh, is that it? The music is working for ya? Great! How about when they all selflessly offer themselves (AND THEIR LIVES!!!!) to go into the heart of tragedy????
I hate despise this trailer. And probably the movie.

This movie looks too fake to be based on actual events.

This judgement is, perhaps, a little premature as I haven't seen it yet, but the trailer is terrible.
the only reason it makes me sick is because it is lining a bunch exploitative scumbag's pockets and johnny blaze's pockets with gold... if i get blown up in the coming world war, i pray that i do not end up in a full length feature film starring tom cruise...

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