Yet another Skull Knight adept..

Hello, I´m a long time Berserk fan that seems to have found the best berserk community, to discuss the manga in depth.

I read berserk some years ago (they weren´t aboard the boat yet), and I consider it one of men´s finest masterpieces, that deserves to be analyzed profusely and through different angles. For me, it symbolizes what I love about fantasy (dark fantasy in particular), not just in manga, but in basically every format possible. The joy I experienced when reading that was akin to listening to Rammstein´s best songs for the first time (a band which, by the way, I consider to fit the general tone of the manga very well), or reading the song of ice and fire (I´m not really into the show), or playing through the witcher 3. You know, those emotions that only art can make you feel. :SK:

Anyways, now that I got that out of the way, I´m glad I found out about this site. I´m looking forward to finding out your opinions on any Berserk subject, and of course, feel free to share with me how you experienced reading the manga. :beast:
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