Yo ho, a pirates sequel for me


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hahaha, the real pirate of the Caribbean?

Well, it really is looking like the same movie. Similar looking bad dude (crab arm being different), more curses, Bloom and Depp have yet another sword fight in unorthodox surroundings (in this case a spinning wheel rather than on scaffolding). I smell cash-in.
You say theres another one after this as well?
Yup, supposedly one sequel was about Jack's past (looks like it's this one) and the other is about Bootstrap Bill. They did leave him at the bottom of the sea when he was cursed...maybe he just walked out? :void:
New trailer:


Looks like it'll be a fun movie.
I enjoyed the first one, and I'm sure the second one will be just as enjoyable I'm not expecting anything new and what not, and if you just sit back and enjoy it for what it is, you'll have alot more fun.


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The first movie was considered by me, the best Disney movie that I've ever seen...and Orlando Bloom aint bad, he was really good in Kingdom of Heaven


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I thought the first was fine. Wasn't awe inspiring or anything, but like others have said it's a pirate action movie. You honestly can't expect too much. The action was good.

Maybe I'll see it for kicks :guts:

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Aazealh said:
I even didn't mind Bloom too much, as long as he's not playing Legolas it's fine with me.
I agree wholeheartedly, in fact, I think he fits the swashbuckler archetype/image quite well. I won't be awaiting this movie with baited breaths, but as everyone has said, it looks 'fun'.

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Saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean and liked it pretty much. Enough to buy it and put it on my shelf anyway :). Let's see if the sequel can interest me as much as the first POtC did... (doesn't mean I'll go watching it straight away thorugh; I'll probaby wait for it to be available for rental, as always).


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We're working on the DVD menus for this right now. Bound to be a popular title anyway.
Saw it. Really liked it. Probably gonna see it again on Sunday. If you enjoyed the first movie, you'll have fun with this one, too. Now no spoilers, people!


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Saw it last night. It was a fun ride, but really this movie is just more of the same. Not that I expected or even wanted anything more. The only real problem I had with it was that unlike its counterpart, Dead Man's Chest tends to take itself too seriously. It also spends a lot of time doing what the original movie did, in swapping "key items" over and over with the main characters, which can be a little frustrating, but I think it pays off in the end. Speaking of which, I've seen many reviews online complaining about the ending scenario, but I really enjoyed it.

Some impressive effects here, especially Davy Jones and his crew. Though, the "shish kabob leap" looked a little uh... cartoony for my tastes, it got the solicited laugh/guffaw fom me, so, I guess mission accomplished. XD I'll discuss more once more people have seen it.

Can't wait for Chow Yun Fat in "World's End" :guts:
Just saw it myself. I found i enjoyable...albeit i took my famous midnight showing nap for a min or 2 here and there. IMO the very last scene was kick ass, I wanna see how they explain that one. Anyone stay till afta the credits.....don't....not worth it.


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I saw the movie on opening day and holy hell, were the lines long, and almost as bad as the line for the last Star Wars flick.  But overall I'd say that it was a pretty decent movie, since the special effects were awesome and Johnny Depp was pretty damn funny, especially in the aforementioned "shish kabob scenario" even if it was a little bit zany sometimes.

Also liked the bit with Captain Jack running around with that jar of dirt, especially when he was waving it around at DJ and his crew.
Awesome movie. I saw the ending coming (not because it was spoiled or anything), even though the rest of the group I went with were totally surprised.

What happened after the credits, as I didn't stay to watch?


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dwarfkicker said:
Awesome movie. I saw the ending coming (not because it was spoiled or anything), even though the rest of the group I went with were totally surprised.

What happened after the credits, as I didn't stay to watch?
[hide]The tribe that thought Captain Jack was a god now thinks the dog that was left behind is a god, so he is sitting in the same chair Jack was, and they are dancing. [/hide]
So yeah, nothing huge. Just an extra HAR HAR.


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So, I saw the movie last night and thought it was cracking. It had a little bit of everything. It was about the same as the first one, but I still thought it topped it.

As for the major ZOMG moments...

[hide]I so fucking called the Barbossa body being at Tia Dalma's. I leant over to my wife and said "Any money that's Barbossa laying there. The monkey finally STFU.".... she hit me, but still -- I called it :p As for Jack being eaten by the beastie... if Barbossa and the monkey can remain undead... perhaps he can.[/hide]
Anyway, the next movie is sure to be awesome. Hopefully they won't ruin the franchise with a fourth movie :puck:


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ok saw it. Overall I liked it as well.

Man that was a long movie.... The amount of information it needed to convey COULDN'T have demanded a 3 hour length.

But visually it was great. I loved the fight on the wheel (its in the trailer so I don't think I'm spoiling anything), it was so outlandish it worked for me. And of course, Davy Jones and his crew were visually incredible. Its getting damn near impossible to to judge whats real and whats not nowadays, when all i have to rely on is knowing these things don't exist.


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CnC said:
Man that was a long movie.... The amount of information it needed to convey COULDN'T have demanded a 3 hour length.
Yeah, I agree. So much of the first 30min is spent orienting the audience on characters they're already familiar with... but, I do understand that's a necessary tradition for sequels.

And yeah, the wheel fight was great. :guts: That whole scene was one of those rare moments in the theatre where you could feel the "holy shit, this is awesome" sensation rippling throughout the audience.

BTW guys, Dead Man's Chest just topped Spider-Man for highest grossing opening weekend. Spider-man's legacy of $114M got trounced by Pirate's $132M. I attribute it to Depp's charisma, without which the entire franchise would be waving a white flag.
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