Yo ho, a pirates sequel for me

I'm sure the third one will do even better in the box office. I'm going with the whole Lord of the Rings thing for my assumption.

The first lotr was easy enough to get into as I had no problem acquiring tickets. The second one I remember making more money than the first. Word of mouth and all that helped here. But the third one was a bitch to go see. Tickets were sold out for the first three days. By the third movie everyone who had gotten into had to see how it ended.

I'm willing to bet it'll be the same with Pirates 3.


Feel the funk blast
I saw it last night, and I enjoyed it. I have to admit, I didn't have very high standards when I walked in. ^^; I'm looking forward to the (hopefully) final film in the series, though.

Johnny Depp was probably the most entertaining aspect of the whole movie (other than the swordfighting sequences), because Orlando Bloom was a bit too stiff and... well, basically everything else acting-wise was forgettable. :<


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I was hoping to like it too, but I got bored. It was waaaaay longer than it needed to be, and the pacing seemed the same througout, which lessened the excitement for me. I also never felt a sense of danger for the main characters, so that further decreased any suspense. I got kind of sick of them, too.

Anyway, at least the effects were amazing, and I loved Davy Jones. I'm glad I saw it on the big screen in that respect.
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