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I know it's hard my fellow posters, but what some of your favorite episodes? Obviously there are no "bad" episodes in Berserk, but I'm curious to know which ones had more of an impact on you personally or which ones always stood out in your mind. For me, in volume 8, episodes 34-36 titled Morning of the Journey (or Morning of Departure in Darkhorse) always was one of my favorites. Not just because of the fact that Guts and Griffith faced each other in a duel for a second time, but because of the way it is illustrated. It is just such a dramatic scene without being over dramatic in any way. It starts with Guts and Judo talking in the bar and ends with Guts walking away from the Hawks. The whole sequence is so well done, with all the major characters involved having great dialog (well, not Pippin of course). The whole Golden Age Arc is great but it is at that moment where I always get that "oh boy, shit just got real" moment. I almost wish I could erase all my knowledge of Berserk just so I could read that scene again fresh. It's the defining moment, the catalyst for everything that is to come in the next few books, and it's masterfully done.

Does anyone else get shivers down their spine from the pure amazingness of a particular episode?


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Episode 175, Femto's incarnation. It's somewhat special for me because I remember picking up the issue of Young Animal it was in, not knowing how it would be portrayed. All we knew right then was that Albion had fallen, and SK was pointing at SOMETHING in the previous episode. It also had this awesome color picture of Griffith in it (click).

A close second is Episode 181, when Guts and Zodd have their duel on the Hill of Swords, also because I knew literally nothing about the contents of the episode before I read it. *Sigh* I miss those days sometimes... :sad:


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See I'm actually jealous of the people who were receiving young animal in the early days. I've only been reading episodes as they come for 4 or 5 years but everything before that I just read in bulk, books 1 -27 or something like that in a few days. I wish so bad that I had got into Berserk sooner so I could have read something like Episode 175 when it came out. I guess the closest thing I can use to relate is something like episode 303, when the preview pic was that two page spread of Griffith kneeling down at Ganishka as Femto with Skullknight coming from out of nowhere behind him. The best experience I've had with a preview.

(thank you for that image Walter, never even seen that one before, it's beautiful.)


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One of my favorite episodes was when Guts collapsed after he and Zodd took on Ganishka. The tired look on Guts' face as he looked off to the distance to see Griffith looking right back at him... And then he falls asleep. I remember when I read that I felt so intense. I thought, "Poor Guts." The man has gone through so much. I also analyze that scene and wonder what went on in the two former friends' minds as they caught a glimpse of each other after unintentionally helping each other out. I imagine Griffith thinking "Oh it's you / DADDY!?" and Guts thinking, "Ugh. Fuck you..... ZZZZZ...."
Great thread idea, Oburi! It's hard narrowing down a particular episode as a favorite. I'm not good narrowing down favorites, period, but it's even tougher when it's a series where I don't hate a single episode. Episode 243 (Superior Being) is probably the episode I remember with the most fondness because it marked the beginning of following the series episodically for me. This was significant for a number of reasons, the main one being I had recently recovered from the most debilitating relapse of obsessive compulsive disorder I've ever experienced, and I had just finished catching up to a series I had all but abandoned during said relapse. Ever since then, I've felt the same sense of joy reading each new episode that's come out. The anticipation of the next episode, reading the newest bit of genius written and drawn by Miura-sensei, the inevitable cliffhanger swiftly followed by anticipation of the next episode...I enjoy it so much that words just don't do it justice. Anyway, enough about that.

The episode that had the most effect on me was Episode 90 (Sprint). I was pretty familiar with the anime at this point, so seeing the aftermath of the Eclipse was extremely jarring. I was literally shaking as I read this episode because Miura-sensei conveyed Guts' loss so brilliantly. Seeing him running through the wilderness recalling his lost friends and Griffith's betrayal, all the while screaming in fury was almost too much. I literally felt drained after reading it, but dived into the next episode nonetheless.
Episode 30: Moment of Glory hands down. Seeing Casca in that dress, just beautiful.

This panel is my favorite panel in the whole series so far.

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Lets see. The Guts/Zodd fight on the sword of hills would be way up there. (The Beast Swordsman vs. The Black Swordsman) Guts is there, it's show time, and then out of nowhere Zodd and Guts have what I feel is the best one on one fight scene in the series. If not that, I would say when Guts gets the Berserker armor. It was the first time ever in the series that I thought that Apostles vs. Guts was no longer a fair fight. In Guts favor of course. (The Blaze, Part 1)


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I'm rereading the series right now (before vol 34 its the stand) and I'm just at vol. 14 so far, so I'd say for the moment it would be Judeau's death Storm of Death (2).
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