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I'd like to start off by saying that I'm a big skeptic by nature and a scientist at heart. Anytime someone tells me about their paranormal experiences, whether it be ghosts, angels, UFOs or Bigfoot, I'm usually the first to be rolling my eyes (depending on the person of course). But that doesn't mean unexplained things do not happen. And I myself had one totally unexplainable thing happen before my waking eyes that completely turned everything I thought I knew and threw it in the garbage. This is my story.

I was around 10 years old playing in my room before bed. 90's kids will remember those little metal matchbox cars, about the size of a roll of quarters. I had quite a collection and would drive them around on the carpet (think Danny in The Shining :isidro:). On this ordinary night, my father came into my room and told me it was bedtime in 10 minutes but I decided that I wasn't done playing and so I would sneak a few cars into my bed. After he turned off the light and went downstairs I pulled back my covers and continued playing with my cars.
My room was pretty big. My bed was on the far side against the wall across from the door. Next to the door was a giant wooden toybox. The room also had high ceilings that went even higher where the skylight was in the center, higher than anyone could reach.
After only about ten minutes or so of playing in the dark in my bed I realized it wasn't nearly as much fun as I thought it'd be and so I put my head down. A moment later, an incredible thing happened. One of the cars (my favorite red convertible actually) began to levitate. It floated up before my eyes and across the room in an arching path. It moved fast but deliberate and much too slow as to have been thrown. And because my room was so big, this lasted a good 3 seconds. It went high up, almost to the ceiling, where I couldn't reach, and down again on the other side of the room, above my toy box. It hung there for a moment, as I watched in disbelief, before dropping suddenly, making a loud sound as the metal car landed in the wooden box.
I prayed that the noise would cause my father to come back up, as I was too scared to move. Quite literally frozen with fear. In my mind at the time all I could think was GHOST, having seen Poltergeist and the like. And because the object had ended on the other side of the room, next to the door (which was the only exit) I couldn't run in the opposite direction. My only escape was to run directly at whatever it was. I couldn't bring myself to do that. So I closed my eyes tightly and pretended to be asleep. My strategy was to make whatever it was that was trying to scare me think that I had missed it. My eyes were closed and I was asleep. Didn't see it. Being a catholic school boy I just prayed and prayed. Eventually I did fall asleep because in what seemed like no passage of time I was instantly waking up to the delight of sunlight beaming in through the windows. I shot out of bed like a cannon and bolted across the room, confirming that my toy car was indeed in the toy box where it had landed. I lunged downstairs to tell my parents what had happened.
So yea that's pretty much it. My parents still remember how emphatic I was that morning about what I had seen. There's no reasonable explanation, other than perhaps it was all a dream. But I know it wasn't. And other than the typical stuff that happens to people (hearing a whisper, seeing something move out of the corner of your eye) nothing else ever came close to that. It kind of broke my mind in a way because how impossible it is.

So anyway, if there's any strange, unexplainable experiences that you'd like to share now is the time :carcus:
So anyway, if there's any strange, unexplainable experiences that you'd like to share now is the time :carcus:
That was a nice story you gave about the car. I'll give my own story, but it is very different.

When I was in Highschool, I was doing a final exam early (because I was in an advanced class for that subject). In Australia, we use the scores of our finals to determine what university we go to (we don't do entrance exams). Anyway, my mum was talking to me after I completed the exam. She told me she had a dream with my grandpa in it. In the dream, my grandpa said to her that I got this particular high score. I believed this prediction was nonsense, as I am not a believer in the paranormal or even in my academic ability. However, when result day came, it was the exact score she predicted. When I told my dad, he said "f#cking bulls#it" because he thought I was pulling a prank. This story isn't really that strange, but that is the oddest thing that has ever happened to me. I really do believe my grandpa is watching over me, sometimes...


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Wow, both of these stories are wild, guys! I don't have an account as interesting as either of yours, but here I go.

One night, years ago, when I still lived with my parents, I was falling asleep in bed and I noticed something was amiss: my bedroom door, which was normally closed, was open by a few inches, and there was a shadow of a person looking inside at me. The figure paused for a moment, and then closed the door. I remember it making the distinct “click” noise when that door closed. I could tell that it was a human shape because the hallway light was on, creating a silhouette of their head and shoulders. This is notable because I would normally turn this light off before going into my room, which I’m sure I didn’t forget to do.

Being half-asleep and without my glasses, I didn't have a chance to see what the person’s face looked like, but I knew that both of my parents were asleep, so it seemed really unusual that one of them would get up to check on me. I got up, opened the door, and found nothing but a darkened hallway. The light that had been creating the silhouette of the person was no longer there. Of course, seeing what I had just seen, I went to go check up on my parents, who were indeed sound asleep as I had assumed.

I woke my parents and told them what I had seen, so my dad and I went and looked for anything unusual around the house. Everything was completely normal, and the cats didn’t seem disturbed by anything. As anyone with pets will tell you, an agitated animal is almost always a sign of something unusual going on. We had no choice but to shrug our shoulders and call it a night, but I can tell you that it was scary going back to bed, wondering if the figure at the door might return… :magni:

Now, in all seriousness, I recognize that I might have half-dreamed something about somebody being at the door, but it all felt very real at the time. But even so, I still wake up in the middle of the night wondering and look in the direction of the door to make sure nobody is there. :isidro:
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When I was young, maybe in 1st grade, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw what I thought was my brother standing in my bedroom doorway, slowly shaking his head in the "NO" motion. I whisper-shouted, "Justin, go back to bed!" The figure just stood there.

Frustrated, I got out of bed and marched up to "my brother," but then his face disappeared. This faceless figure kept slowly shaking its head, "NO. NO. NO."

I literally threw up my arms and shouted, "OH MY GOD!" I ran to the bathroom, shut and locked the door, and eventually fell asleep on the bathroom floor.

My folks found me there in the morning and wondered what the hell was wrong with me. I wondered the same.


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You guys have all had some pretty creepy dreams! :ganishka:

I kind of wish I had had an experience like this in my life, but all I can recall from childhood is the deathly fear of ghosts that Unsolved Mysteries instilled in me.

For a long time I’d feel uncomfortable walking through even familiar hallways in the dark, always expecting the dark would invite something creepy or mysterious to happen, and in those moments I’d sometimes feel the hair on my neck raise up, certain that some presence was there watching me. But as I got older and never experienced any supernatural anything, the sense of fear faded along with the unknown.
I’ve had a few experiences that can’t be explained yet.

I used to see shadow people fairly frequently. They usually would be dicking around while I exercised at night, both in my peripheral vision and when I’d stare directly at them. They appeared in the darkness (standing next to a car in the shadows, for example) and in the light (standing underneath street lights). They always seemed pretty harmless to me.

I would much less frequently have the classic sleep paralysis version of a shadow person. I’d wake up in the middle of the night. A man would be standing in front of my closet door. I’d be absolutely terrified and quickly rush to turn on my bedroom lights. The man wouldn’t be there anymore. And I’d slowly go back to sleep with the lights on the rest of the night.

Now there’s a lot of scientifically sound guesses for why people see shadow people. But the unexplainable part for me isn’t why I saw them, it’s why I no longer see them.

The last experience I had was the night after a long, hard day. I was dead tired. I was that level of tired we’ve all experienced where you don’t even care if your house catches on fire, you’d rather sleep through it than have someone wake you up. I was asleep facing the wall, woke up, rolled over, and there he was: my boy.

Unlike the other times I’d seen him, I wasn’t scared. I was too tired to be scared. So I told myself,” if he wants to kill me, he can kill me. I’m going back to sleep.” Then I rolled back over and want back to sleep. I haven’t seen a shadow person, of either kind, since then.

I shrugged them all off as sleep paralysis and tricks of light and forgot about it all for years until a couple of years ago when I was listening to a podcast that talked about “true” ghost stories. In one episode the podcasters were talking about shadow people and the wide array of things that people think they are. Ghosts. Demons. Beings from another dimension. And one guy said he didn’t know what exactly they were, but he believed the fed on negative emotions.

That made me think of the last time I saw a shadow person. They stopped appearing when I stopped being afraid of them. Literally nothing else in my life has/had changed that could explain why I stopped seeing them. There’s no reason why the sleep paralysis, if that’s what it was, would stop at that time. And if it was all a trick of light then I should still see them, at least once in a blue moon, because my sleep schedule has been roughly the same for the past decade or so. I showed them that I wasn’t afraid of them, and they stopped coming. I can’t explain it.

I’ve also had a couple of other things happen that have convinced me there’s more to the universe than we already know. I’m not saying it has to be paranormal, spiritual, or whatever. But what we know about the universe and how it works, scientifically speaking, is so so small compared to what we have yet to discover. I call that unknown the Great Mystery. And that about sums up my religious beliefs. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. :serpico:
I don't believe I've ever had a serious paranormal experience, I don't believe in it and every time I've encountered something kinda spooky I assume it's people or some other weird shit, but I did have a fairly convincing night terror paired with sleep paralysis as a kid.

It was dark in my room (other than a night light) and I had woken up in the middle of the night, I think I was in 1st grade so this was a good 12 -13 years ago. Anyway, I was pretty much fully awake but I couldn't move around at all, and I could vaguely see stuff in the room because of the faint night light. I really thought I saw a dark, horned and winged monster hanging in the corner of my room near the ceiling, like the classic horror movie scary bit. I remember it moving around my bed and walls too.

Of course it was all fake but when I was that young I really believed it and it scared the absolute fuck out of me.

0/10 I would not wish sleep paralysis on anyone
I only have one to share -- and it's been in my own home, with nothing else unusual to report. It did happen on two separate occasions though; kind of a day apart. I'm not saying it's paranormal, but it's certainly the closest event I've experienced to the word.

When I was lying on my bed late at night; I felt my bed being pushed down from one of the corners by my feet. I kind of ignored it. A couple of nights later, my cat was sleeping on said corner and I was on my phone. From the corner of my eye, I see her sink into my bed by maybe a few inches at the most. She was a little startled at first but I was a little in shock.
Nothing I can remember myself but I've got a story my aunt told me:

She was with little me at the graveyard, I was still in the stroller (hope it's the right english word for it).
We were on the way to the grave of one of my grandmothers and most of the way I was quiet and eating something but suddenly, maybe 300 feet away from the actually grave I stopped to eat and started to make gestures directly to the grave and to babble something, it was like I was talking to someone but of course my aunt couldn't understand it. It was just a minute or so but she got a shiver this day. I want to be clear that she isn't very religious or so but still had the feeling I've talked to someone there.
Of course maybe it was just a big coincidence, little kids often talk out of the blue. No matter what it actually was but it's still a strange story though.
I had sleep paralysis quite often in recent years, probably like 20 times. Its like you are awake but you are arms and legs are tied to your bed.
I think my earlier ones where scarier were i also saw a dark figure walking towards me. But if it happens nowadays i get out of it because i am somewhat selfaware.
Well I saw two UFOs (unidentified flying objects, don't mistake it for weather event, military aircraft, aliens, multidimensional beings, angels/demons or anything like that, it's just unidentified) and I wasn't alone seeing those.

First one I saw was flying fire ball, it appeared from north western direction and was flying towards south eastern direction. It stopped and fire in the middle of it disappeared, the only thing that was there was this fire ring and it looked like Sun eclipse. It was going pretty fast before stopping, then after it stopped for a while it disappeared into thin air back into north western direction. That was seen by another person from my location too.

Another one I saw few years later was something that looked like aircraft but probably wasn't anything I know, and why I'll tell you next, it came out of top of pretty high storm cloud, it had two lights on the sides, it stopped when it came out of the top of the cloud and in one second it accelerated with impressive speed towards the horizon/ground level, in blink of an eye it disappeared on the line of horizon.

Another strange experience I've had was when I was contemplating about something strongly under shower, even praying a bit you can say, and the topic of that contemplation/prayer appeared one minute later in a movie I didn't know about at all, and it was exactly the same thing I was contemplating, to even small details.

I've also had strange experiences with psychedelic drugs but I wouldn't consider them paranormal because there's no reference point when your whole consciousness is totally different in moment of experience. When you are sober at least there's point of reference and something can deviate from it and be called "paranormal". In psychedelic experience everything is so weird that "paranormal" exists no more, it's basically a "new normal" for your consciousness.
I lived most of my childhood in a small village surrounded by dense forest and farm fields. My only "paranormal" experience i guess, was when i was about 8 years old, me and my friend were exploring one of those forests, looking for a big dilapidated house in the middle of said forest, that my mother in particularly told me NOT! to go inside, of course as a child no, means absolutely YES! I remember that the front door was padlocked but me and my friend managed to bash our way in, we walked through the hallway into the living room, what as left of it anyway, the whole floor of said living room what collapsed, nothing especial, it happens, but as kids, we had to look into it, so i had my friend grab onto something while holding my hand so i could lean in and see, amidst all the wreckage i saw a goddamn white coffin with a golden trident embedded into it, looking back is was likely nothing special about it, maybe the owner of the house was just a big Poseidon fan but as a couple of dumb young kids, thats all we needed to run the fuck out of there and never talk about it again.

P.s. There was also this saying among the adults were i lived "We dont believe in witches but they do exist!" My next door neighbour as an old hag with a milky eye a crocked nose with a big mole in it, always dressed in black (not uncommon for old widowed woman) with a pet crow, so, that was fun as a child.
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