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Not that this is anything new but I figured it might interest some people. It's all based on the announcements in Young Animal.

Announcement date            Volumes released                Amount sold in Japan                Amount sold internationallyMarch 29, 199916 volumes available10 million volumes soldFebruary 11, 200527 volumes available20 million volumes soldJanuary 13, 200629 volumes available21 million volumes soldApril 28, 200630 volumes available21.5 million volumes soldJune 08, 200630 volumes available21.5 million volumes sold4 million volumes soldMarch 28, 200832 volumes available23 million volumes sold4 million volumes soldJune 25, 201034 volumes available24 million volumes sold7 million volumes soldMarch 28, 201336 volumes available25 million volumes sold8.5 million volumes soldJuly 24, 201537 volumes available27 million volumes sold8 million volumes sold

Dar Klink:
Awesome! Thanks Aaz! One of these days we'll beat One Piece! :troll:

And on that day, aaz will be wrong about something related to berserk.

I'd say if Berserk ever managed to do that, then Berserk took a turn for the worst. :judo:

Thanks for this. Glad to see those numbers.


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