Author Topic: FS: Berserk volumes 1-34, Lone Wolf & Cub 1-28, and more! Free shipping!!  (Read 1363 times)

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Well, I'm moving next year, so it's with great sadness that I am unloading most of my personal library - including my beloved Berserk - to raise money for the relocation.

Let my pain be your gain!  Free shipping to all US locations on all purchases.

Here's what I have:

* Berserk volumes vol 1-34   $199
You know what this is.  Here's your chance to own and cherish the greatest manga ever created. 

* Lone Wolf and Cub vol 1-28 $139
My second favorite manga of all time after Berserk.  Truly epic and deeply human.  I haven't cried in 12 years but found myself truly moved on several occasions

* Samurai Executioner vol 1-10 $39
From the Lone Wolf & Cub author/artist - focused on crime stories in Japan about 300 years ago

* Path of the Assassin vol 1-15  $59
Also from the Lone Wolf & Cub author/artist.  Covers the struggle to unify Japan 400 years ago, full of battle, political intrigue, and sex.

* Preacher vol 1-9  $59
Garth Ennis's best work.  Full of hilarious moments and memorable characters (Starr tops it IMO with the Allfather being close behind)

* Alias vol 1-4   $29
written by the excellent Brian Bendis

Send me a PM or email me at to reserve your choice.  First come, first serve!  Will ship upon payment (can be check, money order, or Paypal)

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Re: FS: Berserk volumes 1-34, Lone Wolf & Cub 1-28, and more! Free shipping!!
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2010, 06:54:50 AM »
Are you moving out of the country? I'm gonna say keep Berserk, at least... but then again, to anyone that doesn't own this series, you're looking at not even $6 per book, which is a fantastic deal I'd say. Got an eBay link or anything?

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Is this stll available?  I sent you a PM