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You love them (i hope), I love them so lets talk. What board games do you play? I am big into board games play mostly Fantasy Flight games like Chaos in the old world and just got into Warhammer Invasion i find it hard to find players for which makes me said but anyhow what games are you into?

I play Settlers of Catan at any opportunity I get. I actually keep the base game in the trunk of my car, just in case I'm at a dinner or party where people are interested in it. Or, ya know, get stranded or something.  :guts: It's a love it or hate it game with most people.

I also enjoy Carcassone though I only get a chance to play that about once a year with my family, as I don't own a board of it.


--- Quote from: Walter on September 06, 2011, 02:14:35 PM ---I play Settlers of Catan at any opportunity I get.

--- End quote ---

Hear here.

Fortress America. Space Hulk.

I have a friend that's into board games and whenever he comes to visit he'll have something new for us to play like Pandemic, Zombies!!!, and Ticket to Ride.

FYI, James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd, does non-angry reviews of some "classic" board games in a feature called Board James. Very nostalgic and interesting, especially for those games you only saw the commercials for but never played. One of my favorites is Dragonstrike for the cheesy video that came with the game (I had a Star Wars game with a similar video featuring a fake Darth Vader mocking you), but the game looks pretty cool... if you're a nerd. =)


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