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Kabballah in "The Hand of God" concept...
« on: September 05, 2011, 11:14:06 PM »
Well, it's weird, I know, this insane theorie of mine, to talk about the "Hand of God", a kabbalistic theory. When you take the Hebrew letters Yod, Heh, Vau and Heh in vertical direction, you get a figure known as "Notional Man", in fact, when Jesus called himself the "Son of
Man", he's referring to that man.

This analysis is based on the title YHVH - "the Hebrew name of God," or Tetragrammaton - applied in a magical context, and the tarotist Sadhu. Quoting:

* The invisible point on the Yod is called  :void:, which corresponds to the creative principle, the Cosmic Egg. In the World of Berserk its meaning is clear, and no further explanation needed.

* Yod (Fire, Head, Intelligence) stands for a creative intent, which seeks expression in the form, or even the "metaphysical being" of the operation, or what the alchemist seeks to accomplish. In this case, as the world of Berserk is under the influence of qlippoth would be perverted intelligence, as we see,  :ubik: is dedicated only to make lame jokes.

* Initial Heh (Water, Will, Action.) Represents the continuous ovement of energy below the scale of vibration, expressing itself through the ever denser manifestation, or in other words, "preparation of the environment." In Berserk, we would be able to create a new apostle, a task as I see it, Conrad is actively cooperating.

* Vau (Air) represents synthesis, "The consciousness of the adept" or "Disciples gathered around the master." This letter represents my view of  :slan:, as a leading (yod) turns to the heart (feelings) and ends on the genitals (heh ground), where she was the only one who interested to and expressed the feelings and human sensations during the rape of Mother Earth (Casca).

* Final Heh (Ground Movement) is manifest, the individual self, that which is expressed in a physical body, or also a "sane society of supporters." In this case, it can also be called the free will to move in the world, which is the function that is serving now Femto, attracting the "senseless society of followers" (If that does not sound like the cult of the hawk in Midland, then I am ready to return my black robe). On the other hand, is the Heh that supports the genitals, the proof is that  :femto: rapes Casca, showing sexual ability, as he shares with Slan.

In this writing I was trying to discover the order in which the Hand Members became, and I think is Void, Ubik, Conrad, Slan and Femto.

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Re: Kabballah in "The Hand of God" concept...
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2011, 11:33:23 PM »
Hm, I don't see any solid connections here. And I'm not able to follow your reasoning in how you assigned roles to each God Hand member. On the whole, your logic seems arbitrary. Maybe you could explain a little more about what led you to compare the Kabbalistic Hand of God to the God Hand apart from the coincidence of them sharing a name. More specifically, what makes Ubik associated with "creative intent," or Conrad with "preparation of the environment"? And why must Casca be associated with "Mother Earth"? Feels like you're grasping at straws here in order to complete your comparison.

Now, some of the terms used here (yod, vau, hegh) have been used by Schierke in casting spells, but the connection there is with their associated elements. I don't see how you could simultaneously assert that the same naming convention is associated with the God Hand, unless you have some grander theory in mind.

Overall, this just reads like a bunch of nonsense. Kind of reminds me of that thread about "Idea of Evil as an Egregore"... Oh, wait, that was you!