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Lord Leith:
Hello all members of

I'm a decent nice, and gentle guy joining here simply because Berserk is my favorite piece of fiction ever created. I also have lurked a little before joining to get a sense of the community and it seems quite appealing to me.  :iva:

A little bit about me...Well, Im a young Canadian male, with hopes to become an author and illustrator, so through out most of my years, I have practiced writing and drawing. I also enjoy video games, (mostly fighters, but Im open to all genres), music, philosophy, all sorts of things.

I look forward to getting to know some of you better, and be part of this community.

Welcome to!

Lord Leith:
Thank you  :griffnotevil:

Yo, welcome aboard and enjoy your stay ^_^. What kind of fighting games are you into?

Welcome to SKNET!  No better place for berserk-anything.  You should post some of your art in the creation station, would like to see your work.


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