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Why don't we have a thread to talk shop about the world of art or just art in general? Whether it's the latest big thing or something happening right in your backyard, feel free to discuss anything relating to the art world here, including whatever ideas or projects you're working on. I'm looking forward to learning a lot.

Neat idea, Griff! I'm afraid that I don't have much to offer in the way of "fine art," but I work as a graphic artist and have lots of interest in that area, so I end up finding a lot of neat websites that relate to that.

One of my favorites is a portfolio site called Behance, where you can find some wacky stuff, like skeleton fonts or a gold-plated bust of Homer Simpson. IT'S ART, DAMMIT! :troll:

I also go scouring the net for graphic design resources, and have found some great sites in case people are into that sort of thing:

FontSquirrel - provides only license-free fonts, which I found saves me a lot of time when dealing with commercial stuff.
Pixeden - lots of terrific mockup tools, like iPads and iPhones. They also have some snappy text effects!
ColourLovers - I'm sure that people know all about this one already, but I like to look at it when I need inspiration for a layout. They also connect to Martha Stewart's line of paints, which can be handy if you're doing some redecorating. On top of all that, they have some lovely premade patterns.

That's all that I can think of off the top of my head... I'll probably post some more stuff later. :void: I'm looking forward to seeing what other folks post!

Sam Brown is probably the most quirky, interesting artist going (and he's been ripped off by countless people including a chell phone company, no less). He's been running for a good ten years now, it's a collaborative project where you email him titles and he draws a picture.  He also has done some sculptures based on titles, as well.  Red Robots Forever!

EDIT:  On a more fine art note, I thought it worth mentioning my favourite contemporary painter, Max Cole.  She's 75 though, so she may not be contemporary much longer.  She does very minimalist stuff, some of which you can see here:  Here's a painting she recently did for the Vatican:

I check this website from time to time . You can buy the original artwork ,or prints and even postcards of the painting.

I went to the Art Institute of Chicago yesterday and managed to get some pretty decent pictures (and exercise).  I was surprised to see that they had an artist that I have recently become interested in, Kara Walker, on display.  Unfortunately it was the only area that was not to be photographed (per her instruction), so I took a picture sadly of a poster, lol.

 I actually got told by a guard not to photograph, and tried to return.  There was a woman the second time, but she caught me too. oh well.. I am really more interested in her silhouettes anyway and the exhibit had very few of those (and wall space in general).

 It's kind of late atm, but I will share more images of some of the pieces I found interesting maybe Tuesday.  

here's a teaser..

Paul Gauguin "Mahana no Atua" (Day of the God),1894 Oil on canvas

For the most part, recently, I have really been into a lot of contemporary/modern type things.  One piece I really enjoyed was Carroll Dunham's "Bather/Night", mostly because the background, to me, looks like something that would be featured in a really cool super mario bros. game.  I also enjoy how abstract the image is in the front.  I didn't know what it was without reading the title.

Here's an interesting piece from Jim Nutt.  Not sure why I dig it so much.

This piece really surprised me.  It's a Nimba, D'mba, or Yamban headdress from Baga, Guinea.  Made around mid 19th, early 20th century.  The thing has a head like a sunfish, carved out of a single piece of wood, and typically weight 80-100 lbs.  Somebody actually wears this thing for events ranging from bi annual harvest ceremonies, to important community events such as birthday/death.  The statue is supposed to represent the ideal woman as an image of sacrifice for her community.  Her breast are represented as flat to convey all the children she has nursed into adulthood.

Dance of the Kites

This oil painting was painted by my Aunt Emelda in Yopal Colombia, and represents a festival held in the village her and my father grew up in, in the villa de leyva, Colombia.  The green figure represents the spirit of wind, while the red figure represents the spirit of dance.  The festival is held in August and has an international following, in which people come from around the world to compete in various competitions flying kites, designing, and in kite art.


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