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Walter: has been fostering Berserk conversations online since 2000. One of the cornerstones of our community, and the reason we have been able to keep it to such a high standard, is that we have access to very reliable, 100% accurate translations.

Many have contributed to our Berserk translations over the years, but the one who's done the most is undoubtedly Puella. And not just translations of entire episodes, but titles, summaries, comments from Miura, both questions and answers in our 2009 interview with Miura and all those last-minute demands from Aazealh and Walter. Few are the things she does not participate in behind the scenes.

However, after more than 10 years and as many volumes, health problems and an increased workload make it difficult for her to hold the same pace, the same dedication she once did. Especially since as a professional translator, working on Berserk is essentially more work after she clocks out of work. Beyond that, there is also a feeling that maybe not many people really care. Some have expressed their gratitude, but they've never been given the chance to show more than that.

So we've decided to ask our community to assist in giving a little bit back to someone who's helped us tremendously over the past decade. It’s a way to show true appreciation for all her work, and to show that we care. The money we raise here will help ensure that we continue to have the best translations around for Berserk.

Why Should You Donate?

This fundraiser is for fans of all things SKnet. If you’ve enjoyed our forum and support what we stand for, we encourage you to donate. If you want to read a new Miura interview, we encourage you to donate. If you want to be able to read Miura’s earliest works, never before translated, we encourage you to donate. Finally, if you care about Puella and all that she’s done for the site, we encourage you to donate.

Translations are the rallying point for this cause. But it's also a chance to be showered with SKnet forum perks. So to sweeten the deal, we’re using this opportunity to roll out forum rewards that some members have asked for over the years, along with a few ideas we came up with in the process. I've never wanted to run a site with a paywall. That's why these rewards are structured as perks that add to the experience of browsing the forum, and don't limit features that are already there.

Everyone will benefit from the projects being funded. They won’t be placed in a “members only” area. By contributing and helping these projects come to life, particularly the yet-to-be-translated Miura interview, you will be helping every Berserk fan understand the series, and the creator, better.

These donations will recur monthly. You can cancel at any time. We chose Patreon as our funding service because translating Berserk episodes is an ongoing task. If you'd prefer to give a single donation, we have set up a PayPal account for this express purpose. Please note that one-time donations won't benefit from the pledge tiers below.

$1.00 or more per month
Hey, money's tight. Not everyone can spare the big bucks. We understand, and as a small reward for your humble contribution, all donators will be mentioned by their chosen name on the SkullKast podcast.

$3.00 or more per month
Our second-level contributors unlock a golden Beherit icon to replace the green Beherits on their profile, signifying their premium member status. You will also unlock access to the SkullKast podcast 1 day early for all future episodes
(+ all previous rewards)

$5.00 or more per month
Third-tier contributors unlock the previous rewards, plus a custom title to be added to their profile, reminding everyone that they're special. You will also have access to a fully functioning mobile version of the Skullknight.NET forum, currently in beta.
(+ all previous rewards)

$7.00 or more per month
For all fourth-tier contributors, in addition to the the previous rewards, Aazealh will send you a custom voice message of your choosing (keep it clean, folks!) to be heard by all your callers, or just by yourself alone in your bed at night. Marvel as he berates your friends, family members and business associates with his commanding French accent! Voice messages available in three languages (English, French, Korean).
(+ all previous rewards)

$8.00 or more per month (Limited to 10)
Limited Edition Grail Art Tier! This limited quantity tier is all about basking in some Grail art love. SKnet's own Berserk fanartist extraordinaire Grail will create one of the following for donators: a custom avatar drawing of their choice ; a larger colored drawing, perfect for a Desktop or phone background, or an animated signature like on Grail's profile.
(+ all previous rewards)

$10.00 or more per month
Top-tier contributors can, in addition to everything else (except Grail's tier), join the SkullKast crew as a guest on an upcoming episode. They'll also have access to a special new emoticon made by Walter for contributors of this project.
(+ all previous rewards, except the Limited Edition Grail Art Tier)

We hope everyone who's benefited from SKnet in the past will join in and help us reach our ambitious milestone dreams without making inhuman sacrifices. We will all benefit from these projects, and I'm very excited about where we could go from here. During the brainstorm sessions for this donation drive, we came up with some awesome concepts that we'd like to explore more once these translations are completed.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the thread!

Oh yeah, and if you missed the button at the top, here's the URL:

Delta Phi:
Wow, lots of big additions happening around here lately. I've always felt that just thanking Puella was never enough, now I just need to decide on what tier I'd like to settle on...

Man, Walter, no offense...but I couldn't read it in your voice. Instead I chose to read it in Billy Mays' voice.

Payday is next week, so expect to see a donation from me.

What's this Miura interview and where did it come from? And how come we haven't heard about it until now?

Yeah, you're getting my money.  I'd love to see Miura's previous interviews and ongoing translations on a regular basis.  Can we submit additional interviews from Miura for translation as well so that we can build an archive?


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