Author Topic: How & When Will Guts' Past Eventually Be Revealed To His Current Companions?  (Read 1816 times)

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At this point in the story while Guts' core companions are all aware of Guts' current objective and the basic nature of his and Casca's brands, most of them are still unaware of Guts' (and by extension Casca's) past during the Golden Age arc. IIRC the only member of the current party who could be considered as fully in the know of Guts' past is Puck (who learned about Guts' past with the Band of the Falcon from his couple of visits with Rickert and learned about the specific details of The Eclipse with Rickert when Guts told them off panel during episode 181) and then Schierke seems to have some partial/vague awareness of Guts' past due to her knowledge of Griffith's true nature and Flora informing her that Griffith was one who branded Guts (and Casca) in volume 24 and then later was exposed to fragments of memories of Guts' past with the Band of the Falcon and The Eclipse when she dove into his ego during volume 27. Everyone else I believe is currently basically unaware of Guts' (and Casca's) past.
However, due to narrative convention, it seems probable that Guts current party will eventually become informed of his and Casca's past eventually. However, since Guts still isn't the type to open up about his past (even when his companions were unknowingly discussing his history with the Band of the Falcon during Episode 244) it still seems up in the air exactly when or even who, will end up spilling the beans to the current party about Guts and Casca's past. Will it be when they reach Elfhelm? Before or after when Casca is (presumably) cured? Or even after that? Will Guts not be the one to volunteer the information? Could it be done second-handedly through Puck? Or maybe a cured Casca will be the one to tell their history?
Does anyone else have their own thoughts and/or ideas on this topic?
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This has been discussed several times in the past and I believe you've mentioned the answers in your post. It's practically sure that it will happen in Elfhelm, and it will likely be tied up to Casca's condition (specifically the fact it will end). They'll want to know who Casca is, how it all happened and so on. Whether Guts will spill the beans (willingly or because the situation forces his hand), his companions will all combine their knowledge and thoughts to piece it together by themselves, or even Casca herself takes care of it, that remains to be seen. I think a combination of the above is most likely.

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I don't have much to add that you and Aaz haven't already addressed. But, I've come to accept that though it's frustrating for readers, it's natural that Guts hasn't opened up to his band yet about his past. Similar to why we haven't heard about SK's past from the man himself it's a combination of the timing not being right and motivation. It was a hugely traumatic experience for Guts. I think to get him to finally explain things will require an external force, like Aaz alluded to: Casca's restoration. Furthermore, the person at the center of Guts' tragedy is no longer merely a leader on the rise he's now the preeminent ruler of the only human stronghold in the world.

Thankfully, the stars appear to be aligning not only for Guts' story to be told, but also SK's, with the re-emergence of his sleeping city.

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I don't actually see even Casca talking about what happened in their past except to reveal the basic premise of Guts and herback ground. The rape and trauma she endured seems like something she would never talk about, unless some how the the group come to witness that aspect of her ore deal while she is being cured by the Elf King.

 But, all that I always thought it natural that more information about Guts and Casca's past would be revealed when they got to elf-helm. How much of their past and their roles in the Falcons army they decide to reveal to them remains to be seen. Considering what Griffith did to them I wonder if both Guts and Casca would be a little ashamed/disgusted that they had any part in Griffith's band. Maybe more with's not like Guts and her were just soldiers they were commanding officers with high rank, and I wonder if that is something they would not be too forth coming about unless they had to reveal that about them selves.