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Prime 1 launches a Berserk line

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Oh just finish read and my pants is wet:)

Who collect statue definetely know prime 1 studio, in this time in my opinion no.1 leader in statue world.

On fcb page statue collectors, someone post: prime 1 annouced berserk line,only paint image but prototyp if ist true come soon.

Ver very great,aow make me sick with their endeless repaint few statue....

What you think about this? ;)

I've seen some of their work, but I haven't really followed them much.  Here is their website and fb page.

I'm all for new companies taking on Berserk figures, so can't wait to see what they do!

This is a dream come true for me. And I've been anticipating their announcement of it since I saw their ARkham line. Based on what they are doing with the batman video game license, I'm hopefully expecting Guts in every armor. I'm confident that we can expect to see many other characters done wonderfully. I've seen their Arkham Knight Batman 1/3 scale in person and I was very impressed. The details and accuracy of the sculpt is amazing and mind blowing...and the paint is phenomenal. The sturdiness of the statue, specifically regarding resin and paint seems amazing. I can only hope P1 doesn't go smaller than 1/4 scale for the line. One understandable complaint I hear about their Batman line is the stiffness in some of the poses. Especially the batman. But regardless I think P1 will do a fantastic job, whether it's dynamic or museum poses. Now for sticklers to a traditional style it could be let down. If you prefer the comic/cartoony style of something like Tsume Vegeta, P1 will most likely deliver a realistic take on it and potentially disappoint. I think it would be awesome. But I could be wrong about the approach they take on the style...

Ahmetal: dont worry prime 1 make only 1:2 and 1:3 statue...this month enter in 1:4 world and this is for  sideshow and xm studio BIG competion ;) and few week ago annouced anime line + what i read = 99% 1/4 (or bigger) guts or another char. from berserk :))

Oh my  :isidro: can't wait  if they have berserk's licence it will be good for all but their prices are brutal even their products are amazing  :SK: We'll see, always waiting AOW news really hope it will be not a joke  :iva:


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