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Season 2 is announced!  Woo!  :troll:  It really is though.

1. New director
2. Bigger budget for animation
3. New sound guy

For all this shows faults, it's not that hard to fix. #1 is the key. Someone who will stay faithful as this season has tried to do, but knows how to portray the material. For all the knocking of the show, at the least it's building Berserk's profile and there's a chance to turn things around. Other series have improved in quality after the first season.

I was waiting for official confirmation, since Twitter is...yeah.

It's for real. The end of the last episode says "2017 spring, the next arc arrives." It cuts from the same footage of Flora's mansion shown in the first episode to a panning shot of the Berserk Armor, ending on this:

I wonder what spirit is living in that armor!?

The animation seemed to improve a little by the last episode.  Hopefully the rage and outcry from many of the fans will help structure season 2 better.  If all else fails and the second season has already been done, let's hope they make some changes in the meantime.    I swear I heard this was going to be 24 episodes originally, so that is where my line of thought is coming from.

I don't see the pacing, which at times really does itself no service, changing enough to make things smooth.  I do find it a little shoddy to make so many repetitive sound effects.  I'm no one to specialize in such matters, but don't see how hard it would be to smash steel on different material to get a sweet sound for the dragon slayer.  As much as I love Susumu, replaying one song is not the key.  All these remixes from the golden age movies are pretty bad.  Could be part of the budget?  Dunno.

All in all season 1 felt pretty meh.  Following the manga more closely around episode 4 and on made everything a little better.  Much improvement needed, so let's hope for the best.

Oh man!  That shot of the armor makes me smile.

Based on the pacing of this first cour, and presuming the next one is 12 episodes as well, I'm guessing they'll just be adapting the Chapter of The Holy Demon War, and not the entirety of the Millennium Falcon Arc. Maybe the series will be like Sailor Moon Crystal we'll hopeful see some marginal improvement in the production/adaptation quality of the anime.


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