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Nothing shown aside from the announcement, but could be good news and another nail in the AoW coffin.  I've purchased a bunch of Classic Sonic and Sega statues from them.  Their quality is very good, though the QC is sometimes a little iffy.

I have no experience with them but I'm glad to see more companies doing Berserk merchandise.

Wow! Crazy! F4F is getting everything these days.  I own their entire line of Zelda statues, as well as some of the Metroid, and other gaming statues.  Their prices are very good and poses are quite dynamic.  Awesome customer service and interaction (they have FB lives, Q&A, etc).  I'm excited to see what comes of this!

Yeah that is somewhat exciting.  I owned their entire Zelda line (sold off a lot of it except couple key pieces I can't part with) and also random assorted figures from other games.  Their quality I'd say is pretty good....quality problems were more prevalent when things started with Fierce Deity etc (I still have a couple of those with usual damage lol).  Their pricing is pretty fair for sure and the Davis family does a good job organizing and growing the brand (f4f).  Let's see what they come out with.....usually they don't do dioramas so I expect single character releases.

First view of Guts' face, original and quick revamp:

I think they're off to a good start and second one is looking better.  Still not quite right, though.


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