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Episode 88: Forest of Corpses and Spiky Cedars [Ep. 351] (1h)

Things get phallaphobic in Casca's dream world. We also talk all about the new Grunbeld novel and recap Season 2 of the anime, which recently concluded.

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Great as always, the Gerry's Mod comments had me on the floor  :ganishka:

Heheh yeah, lots of big laughs on this one. It was a fun time. Glad Gobs could make it!

Loved the flow of the podcast and the fun everyone had with the talk of the Grunbeld novel. Missed Griffith on this one but Gobs was a good bonus, well done Gobs (!) and good job everyone.

Especially liked the part where the discussion was about the design of the forests and that of the creatures. I think what Aaz said about the bold choice struck a chord with me and brought me back to visuals from the Eclipse and so forth and how, like he said, if Guts were given a chance to go into her mind, he would've seen something incredibly similar/ the same visuals. So in that sense, there's no disconnect between something Miura wrote many years ago to what's portrayed in the episodes today - it highlights the depth and brilliance of his story and his art.

Once again great podcast guys. I always appreciate these. Thank you for making them.  :guts:


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