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Episode 89: Arrival [Vol 21-2] (1h 58m)

One of the series' biggest moments is here. We go through each page of the incarnation of Femto and close out the Conviction Arc.

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Thanks for the podcast guys, enjoyed this one a lot.


--- Quote from: IncantatioN on July 31, 2017, 02:01:16 PM ---Thanks for the podcast guys, enjoyed this one a lot.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! Talking about ep 175 was really special, since it's probably my favorite episode in the series.

Sorry guys for the poor quality of my audio at the beginning. :judo: I had messed up my microphone settings, but it got fixed by the time of the actual reread portion. As always, lots of fun talkin' Berserk!

Good job guys, an interesting listen, as usual.


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