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Power metal band just released a Berserk-themed song


Here is the song.

For those wondering it is the guitarist(and founder) of the band that has berserk influences.

As you can see the guy is a pretty big fan of Berserk, he named his band "Beast in Black" and their fist album "Berserker"  :ganishka:


Foul whores and putrid posers,
It's time you greet the Dragonslayer.

Like a hellraiser,
Monster of rage,
Unleash the fury through your sword of hate,
Destroy and murder,
Harness the power of the beast.. in black


Yeah it feels like they wear their influences on their sleeves. :ganishka: I like their sound, and while it's not my favorite interpretation of power metal I'm still gonna keep an eye out for their future work.

They have another song out called " Blind and Frozen ", I like it better, however they have not written the lyrics around Berserk. give it a listen if you wanna hear more from them.

There are a couple of more by that band on Spotify called 'The Fifth Angel' and 'Zodd the Immortal'.

I like 'em.  :femto: :zodd:


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